Which team is in more trouble?

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Which team is in more trouble?

Which team is in more trouble?

  • Lakers
  • Spurs
  • Magic

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Spurs, because they dominated

Spurs, because they dominated the regular season, but now are in danger of losing to a #8 seed. Also, their window of opportunity seems to be closing very fast. It just shows the regular season records do not necessarily mean all that much.

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Definitely the Spurs...they

Definitely the Spurs...they have looked down right decrepid and not able to keep up with the younger Grizzlies at all during the series. A case could be made for the Magic as well because they just want to shoot the 3 ball all game instead of even trying to get inside.

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Lakers, injured Kobe means

Hornet in 6.

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Tie between Magic and Spurs

Tie between Magic and Spurs. Magic are in trouble of loosing Dwight Howard. They certainly aren't going to keep him while they keep trying to live and die by the three pointer. Once they loose Howard, they are done and will be a lottery team hoping to snatch up the next best center in future drafts.

The Spurs are old and decrepit and don't look like good candidates to move on to the second round. Normally you would say the Spurs because they are in danger of loosing a series to an 8th seed, and that usually does not happen, but this is a tie to me because loosing a franchise center can cripple a franchise. Yet the Spurs might also be crippled because they are getting old and will soon loose all thier key guys (Parker, Duncan and Ginobli) to retirement.

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SPURS: tick-tock-tick-tock-tick-tock-tick-tock

LAKERS? I'm not buying on that... Come on... It's KOBE... He'll do anything to win especially in a crucial game like Game 5... Though CP3 has been unbelievably good in this series...

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Well Magic are still need to

Well Magic are still need to win two in a row to advance. And I don't like their chances against the Bulls. I also don't think Howard is resigning in Orlando if max money is available in New York, LA, Chicago or even a legitimate contender in a small market. Only thing Orlando has going for it is no sales tax in the State of Florida. Of course, that works out to like $1 million more a year in salary and probably and few hundred thousand on endorsement money, so no small thing.

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when you are 1 game away from

when you are 1 game away from going fishing you are in more than enough trouble. But the spurs look old and small.

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Magics because if they lose,

Magics because if they lose, they could lose Howard and with their bad contracts, they will suck for a long time. Spurs and getting old but they have assets and fairly cheap contracts. They also are pretty good finding talent in the drafts. The Spurs changed their style because they knew they were nearing their end and wanted to go out with a bang. They ranned into a younger team and not it is time to rebuild.

Parker is not that old but Ginobli and Duncan are.

They need to move some of their Assets like George Hill who could start for many teams and try to get some lottery picks or young talent that another team is not using properly. Jefferson can be moved. Blair is a keeper on a cheap contract. Gary Neal is a talented player on cheap contract. Splitter could be developing into something pretty good. At one point he was compared to Varejo and said to be better. Spurs need to do what they can to find a Duncan replacement.

Houston has a surplus of power forwards. Toronto may be stupid enough to give Davis away if they decide to keep Bargnani and play him at the 4.

I already knew Spurs would lose to the Grizz if they got this match up because Grizz are kinda like the Spurs but younger and more athletic. Both teams are coached pretty well.

I thought Orlando would win but it would appear that is not going to happen. They made moves so that they could be a better team than the one that went to the Finals. Every move they have made has gotten them further from that Finals team. Their GM is terrible.

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