When Stars Shine & Shifting Series

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When Stars Shine & Shifting Series

The first topic: all of the Stars that headline the NBA have been great in the 1st two games. This is good for the L. Which Star so far has performed the Best. I think in 2 games the 2 finalist for the MVP Voting have been the best or beast in the Postseason.

DRose & DHoward.

The second topic which series will shift for the Home Team NY/Phi/Ind/TBlazers. & Will ATL win 2 games @ home to go up 3-1 in the series.

I think Portland will play great @home & win both games. NY was close in both games but do they have the fortitude to close-out a game in the 4th quarter. This is the Series that could go either way, if Amare is better i can see NY winning 2 drama filled games in the Garden. Ind if DCollison is cannot play the Pacers are in trouble, but more troubling for me is the LackLuster play from the Bulls, i did'nt expect the Pacers to put up this much of a fight. Also, TPhysco (or whatever his nickname is) is playing well if THan takes this playoff experience into next year the Pacers will have a great Core to build around. 76ers should win 1 game @home if they can get consitent play from everybody.

Leave thoughts if you got time

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Howard has been superhuman

Howard has been superhuman but Rose has been slightly better. Dwight is averaging 39.5 and 19, but also 7.5 turnovers and 5 fouls the Magic lost embarrasingly at home in the first game. Rose is at 37.5, 7 and 6 and has been incredibly clutch and most importantly the Bulls are up 2-0.

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