Whats the reason why these players havent stuck on NBA Rosters?

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Whats the reason why these players havent stuck on NBA Rosters?

Which guys might be able to help a team..and which guys are destined to be D-Leaguers or Euro players....

1.Gerald Green
2.Paul Davis..
3.Coby Karl
4.Devon Jefferson
5.David Harrison
6.Earl Barron
7.Richard Hendrix
8.Richard Roby
9.Mike Gansey..
10.Jeff Adrian
11.Lee Cummard
12.Jamont Gordon
13.Nick Calathes
14.Darius Washington
15.Morris Almond

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Interesting list

I'd actually put Earl Barron atop that list, he contributed the most to an NBA team last year, even if it was a bad one. Averaged 11.7 pointd and 11 boards in 7 games for the Knicks, and for all their weaknesses, they could actually rebound a bit. Also played 33 minutes a night. If he could block shots worth a damn, I'd be wondering why the hell he doesn't have a multi-year deal, because 7-footers with his motor and awareness are pretty hard to find nowadays.

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1.Gerald Green I he studies

1.Gerald Green I he studies film then maybe he can be a NBA player and not just an athlete
2.Paul Davis should be in the league because he is a big man with some quality skills
3.Coby Karl is signed with the Nuggets right homie can ball
4.Devon Jefferson is someone I think they left too early
5.David Harrison hey hey smoke weed everyday lol nah he is a big body but he has to want to work hard
6.Earl Barron should be on a roster soon because he has size and can play
7.Richard Hendrix played at Alabama but I can not remember his game
8.Richard Roby is a pretty good shooter but will have to get used to a bench role
9.Mike Gansey would be on a team now if he did not get hurt or sick
10.Jeff Adrian can be a energy physical type player on many teams
11.Lee Cummard no idea
12.Jamont Gordon is a combo guard but I dont know much else about him maybe played a missippi
13.Nick Calathes is still overseas and Dallas owns he right I think
14.Darius Washington should have either left out of high school or stayed longer in college( opportunity may be gone)
15.Morris Almond can score and may want to talk to GSW

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Yeah..i dont know why Paul

Yeah..i dont know why Paul Davis,Barron & Gansey arent 9 or 10th men on some rosters...Davis played well in Summer League..Havent heard if he'll be invited to training camp

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Add Kirk Penny

Add Kirk Penny to that list

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Calathes, Almond and Adrian I

Calathes, Almond and Adrian I can't seem to figure out how they aren't on a roster somewhere.

Adrian seems like a smaller version of Maxiell, physical, hustle type guy who could bring good minutes off the bench.

Calathes is very solid, can handle the ball, the only thing I can think is his defense is shotty at best.

And Almond, the only I can think is his work ethic, the guy can straight fill up the basket, a lights out scorer, but the rest of his game must be lacking somewhere...

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1.Gerald Green -

1.Gerald Green - maturity!
2.Paul Davis - played good for Clippers but got serious injury and now he trying to come back from it!
3.Coby Karl - like his game, i think he has a spot!
4.Devon Jefferson - need to improve ball handling and moves off the dribble, right now he play like a PF at a 6'6 220 body
5.David Harrison - too row!
6.Earl Barron - played very nice for the knicks at the end of last season, maybe he found his spot.
7.Richard Hendrix - need more work on his game, maybe can be a banger of the bench but not right now.
8.Richard Roby - he supposed to be a scorer but he doesn't have ability to score at that level.
9.Mike Gansey - don't know about him!
10.Jeff Adrian - in summer league i see that he improve his athleticism and got strongeri think he could now be Jason Maxiell type player!
11.Lee Cummard - don't know about him!
12.Jamont Gordon - having great carrer in Europe, if he want he could be roster guy in NBA!
13.Nick Calathes - just being stash in Europe!
14.Darius Washington - he has problam when being physical with him and his head not into the game - looks like he is not play seriously and not a competitor or winner.
15.Morris Almond - better than Roby but also not at NBA level right now.

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As far as I know the Mavs just let him play in Greece to develop.
He can learn from real professionals in big european tournaments.
(In some kind of way like Brandon Jennings but I don't compare them in no way *Lol*)

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1.Gerald Green- Dumb player

1.Gerald Green- Dumb player with a bad work ethic
2.Paul Davis- Not particularly good.
3.Coby Karl- Not really an NBA talent if not for having an NBA name
4.Devon Jefferson- knucklehead in predraft interviews
5.David Harrison- too smokey
6.Earl Barron- Not really any good
7.Richard Hendrix- A million 6'8 power forwards whose best trait is how hard they play
8.Richard Roby- A million 6'4 shooters in the world
9.Mike Gansey- A million and one 6'4 shooters in the world.
10.Jeff Adrian- 6'5 power forwards have a difficult time finding a spot in the NBA right out of college.
11.Lee Cummard- No position other than designated spot up shooter for a frail 6'7 wing who does nothing else at an NBA level.
12.Jamont Gordon- It will eventually happen for him. He needed to learn to run the point, and is doing so.
13.Nick Calathes- The Greeks gave him more money.
14.Darius Washington- Has always had a higher opinion of his own game than anyone else, and third point guards can't have that problem.
15.Morris Almond- Has the label of a softy who doesn't like to compete... is bound for Miami.

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Jamont Gordon Is Sick w/ It Man ..

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Darius Washington!!! i

Darius Washington!!! i thought Deron Washington, so don't consider my reaction about Darius Washington, i confused him with Deron Washington!

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1.Gerald Green- Lacks smarts,

1.Gerald Green- Lacks smarts, selfish, and plays no D. Also hasn't improved on anything since HS...

2.Paul Davis- He's soft and not a great rebounder for his size..

3.Coby Karl- He can do a little of everything, and has a nice shot. His time should come. He's a player.

4.Devon Jefferson- He's a head-case and he needs to polish his overall game.

5.David Harrison- Lacks conditioning and is considered a headache

6.Earl Barron- He's honestly not a good player.

7.Richard Hendrix- Lacks athleticism, and doesn't have a face-up game to compensate for his lack of height.

8.Richard Roby- Lack of defense, poor shot selection. He has some talent, but not NBA caliber.

9.Mike Gansey- He can't handle the ball, and plays like a 6'4 SF with a lack of athleticism.

10.Jeff Adrian- His size. He's a bulldog though...I hope he gets on

11.Lee Cummard- Lack of strength, athleticism, and D. He does have a pure stroke though

12.Jamont Gordon- I DON'T KNOW!!! He can play, he's not a pure PG though I guess. But he's decent enough IMO. I thought for sure he would be drafted and be a good backup by now

13.Nick Calathes- He was offered more money overseas. He's a sound player, but is he too slow?

14.Darius Washington- He lacks PG ability, and he's never been a good defender. He's also selfish and overrates his own talent..

15.Morris Almond- He has the ability to stroke it, but he's not tough and he is a soft defender. He also is a bit selfish.

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