What's going on?

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What's going on?

What's going on with these guys?

  • Lance Stephenson -
  • Greg Monroe -
  • Luol Deng -

  • Trevor Ariza -
  • Evan Turner -
  • Ed Davis -
  • Jerryd Bayless -
  • Xavier Henry -

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Would love to see Bayless or Henry in Philadelphia

Ed Davis to Miami or LA to play some Center next to Bosh or Randle, or maybe he's signed by the Kings to play off DMC?

I would be excited to see Deng in LA and Ariza in Miami

Greg Monroe to Houston who should also retain Parson, that would be very expensive but would they be closer to ring with Harden/Howard/Monroe and Parsons...

Lance seems screwed, maybe he can be brought back home to New York in a sign and trade (Smith or Hardaway Jr. and Bargnani)

Maybe Phil Jackson can get through to Born Ready ala Bird a few years ago, Lance and Melo could be a very nice 1/2 punch

Evan Turner should go to The Bulls and team up with his former high school rival Derrick Rose, coach Tibbs will not allow Turner to upset his locker room and ET can become a very good 6th man for his hometown Bulls

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