what would it take for the lakers to get Myles Turner

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what would it take for the lakers to get Myles Turner

If the Lakers can get one of the top two picks I would call the Pacers and ask about Pacers new starting center Myles turner who I think at the least be a bigger version of Ibaka....a big with length and shooting ability....and defensively can switch on guards....I think he can actually learn to catch it in the block and learn to score with either hand.

Me personally I would trade anyone on the lakers roster unless the pick is 1 or 2. Can u imagine a front court of turner and Simmons or turner and Ingram...I think free agent would at least be intrigued by it.... All that length and mobility...and shooting ability if Simmons can put the time in... They can switch on the any guard defensively..

If I had the first or second pick I would trade randle and Russell for Myles turner and whomever they throw in.

If I get the third I would throw the 3rd pick and randle... What do u think is a fair trade for turner?

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