What was Amir Johnson thinking?

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What was Amir Johnson thinking?

He's lined up for two free throws and the first one is made, goes through the basket and the ref picks it up to pass back to the shooter. For some reason, Johnson gets angry and wants the ball himself so he holds on long enough to get T'd up and ejected from the game. Then Johnson is so mad that he throws his mouthguard and hits the ref in the back.

He's going to get suspended for one of the worst reasons ever...I actually can't think of any suspension for something dumber than this other than Birdman failing to give up the chronic long enough to pass a pee test.

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Birdman was not suspended for

Birdman was not suspended for smoking weed, he was in much heavier stuff

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I don't know who gave you

I don't know who gave you negs, but you're right, Birdman was smoking meth.

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Its about time a ref did

Its about time a ref did something about this. I hate when players grab the ball and rub it up before the second free throw.

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I also question why every big does this, but since they do, why is Amir at fault? Ref needs to get off his power trip and/or the league needs to step in develop some rules regarding this.

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I agree.

The ref was being just as childish, but I guess the officials are the officials.

Listening to the post-game interview with Amir he definitely sounds sincere in his apology for his part in the dispute and loosing his cool afterwards. Really seems like a good guy.

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