What Timberwolves should do in Draft!!!!

This is what i think the Timberwolves should do with their first round picks, and I think that if they do this then they will be back in the playoffs in a year.

#6- Brandon Jennings
He is an obvious upgrade over Telfair, will come in right away and give them a true point guard. He is a much better shooter than people give him credit for. The Timberwolves dont have a lot of players that can create their own shot. With Jennings he can create a lot of open shots.
#18- Earl Clark
If he is still there this is got to be the choice for them. He can play multiple positions, he is a very athletic big man. They could do a pick and pop with him and Randy Foye. That would be very hard for teams to stop.
#28-Sam Young
I would love if they took Sam here. He is one of the most NBA ready players, staying in college for all 4 years. He is a very good athlete and is a very good shooter, which the Wolves dont have much of. He will also bring toughness and play defense!

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pg jennings/telfair sg

pg jennings/telfair
sg foye/miller
sf clark/young/brewer/carney
pf love/gomes/smith
c Jefferson

i donno.... drafting two 3s seems..... dumb with carney brewer gomes miller also need minutes at 3

pig nobs
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miller is probably leaving

miller is probably leaving so get a 2 and clark will be taken before 18th
6th evans
18th mills
28th terrence williams

pg mills/telfair
sg evans/foye
sf brewer/williams
pf love/gomes
c jefferson

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HAHAHAHAHAHA terrence williams at 28 and mills at 18 you got it backwards man

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