What should or will Lebron do?

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What should or will Lebron do?

What should or will Lebron do? I'll give my opinion first. I had been leaning towards him going to LA along with Kawhi and PG, but now it doesn't look as if PG nor Kawhi will land in LA this season. In that case, I say stay in Cleveland for another year. The Cavs reportedly are trying to acquire Kemba Walker, which I think would be a great addition, but I would go in a different direction since Sexton is there. It may be a little far fetched, but I think the Cavs need better players on their roster, not necessarily a Superstar. They aren't that far away from the Warriors.

First step re-sign Rodney Hood. Should be a no brainer. Cavs are thin at the SF spot and can't afford to lose Hood.

Next, Sign Dwight Howard. Why not? He is healthy and coming off a great year in Charlotte. He's way better than Thompson and Nance on offense and is still among the best in the league at cleaning the glass and protecting the rim. He'll be cheap too. Warriors hurt them with Mcgee, Celtics hurt them with Baynes and Horford. Embiid would dominate the Cavs on the inside. With Dwight in there, all of that changes. He's cheap too!

Final Step: Don't laugh. I know he just had his worst year ever, but the Cavs can use CARMELO ANTHONY and he could also use them. He plans to opt in for $27mil this year and OKC hates it. They don't want to pay him. George Hill is owed 20mil. Cavs should make that trade happen anyway they could. They should even try to put Tristan Thompson in that deal too. OKC needs a backup veteran guard like Hill and they don't have a backup Center either. Carmelo gives Cleveland another guy that can score the ball at a very high level from all over the floor.

PG: Bron/Sexton/Clarkson

SG: JR/Korver/Clarkson/Ousman

SF: Melo/Bron/Hood


C. Dwight/Nance Jr./Love

This, IMO, gives the enough to win the East over a healthy Boston squad and a good shot at beating the Warriors. I think these moves would maximize their limited cap space adding HOF vets that will still produce. Am I reaching fellas?

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Melo trade for...

I would probably prefer the following:

If Lebron somehow stays with Cavs and Lebron did want Melo . I would prefer the following move first.

Melo for Rodney hood(sign and trade) and their 2019 pick top 10 protected and maybe an average deal like Clarkson.. Reason both sides do this is the following: Lebron gets his guy in Melo who is on the last year of his deal which gives them cap room 2019(13 mill saved by moving Clarkson) to help with scoring.OKC gets two reasonable prospects in Hood,Clarkson(who is thrown in for $ reasons) and a pick to help with our re-tooling. Because no way do I want to be paying George hill a guaranteed 20 million if I am OKC...

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A team of LBJ, Melo, K.Love

A team of LBJ, Melo, K.Love and Dwight is impressive on paper but i don’t think it would be good enough to dethrone GSW. They won’t have the same chemistry as the warriors. Bron won’t tolerate Dwight’s antics, and Melo’s a diva, it would be like an NBA version of Keeping up with the Kardashians, there will be too much drama.

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Good roster if it was the year 2010, unforuntely it is the year 2018.

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Howard is now a journeyman

Howard is now a journeyman and Carmelo wouldve been one 5 years ago if it werent for that albatross contract and no trade clause. LeBron can carry bums to the finals, he just did, but i cant believe he'd ever want to do it again.

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I had thought about D12 to

I had thought about D12 to the Cavs but he'd need to take effectively veteran's minimum. If he could be dialed in then he'd be a useful asset and give them size to compete against Philly in particular.

Kemba for some deal around the 8th pick has been mouted a lot and when they drafted Sexton it is certainly an option.

LBJ is looking to win and if he went to Lakers and they got PG13 too is he any closer to winning than he'd be in Cleveland. The Thunder with Westbrook and PG13 didn't get past first round in play offs this season just gone and out West LBJ would have to get a team past Houston and GSW too.

If LBJ is going to move then unless he can get into exactly the right situation it will likely be this summer as if he stayed another year with Cavs then looked to reaaccess in 2019, he'd be into his 36th year by the time of the 2020 finals and his game could have gone down a notch or too.

Philly is still the wildcard for me with their younger upside it gives LBJ a bigger window and to win with a 3rd team and one that hasn't won the title in his lifetime would be a really legacy topping for LBJ.

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