What is the point of trade ideas?

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What is the point of trade ideas?

Every day there seems to be a new wanna be gm on here who comes up with "The Best Trade Ever!". I just dont get it. What is the point? Most of the trades are beyond terrible. Rarely does someone ever come up with a good trade, but when they do, does it really matter? That trade is not getting done in real life, so who cares? I just dont get it.

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It's fun! No other reason.

It's fun! No other reason.

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Some people like to play GM,

Some people like to play GM, come on dont be a sour grape it's fun; going on a witchunt for dumb trade ideas are the best

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Most of the time these proposals are horrible.
I think the main reason for these ideas is to kick start conversations.
People bring there ideas discuss which team needs what and so forth and others either disagree( usually all the time) or agree and state there reasons

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The thing about trade ideas

The thing about trade ideas are people want them to be balanced, but a lot of the time, after an actual NBA trade, they are not balanced. It seems we all wonder wtf at least one team was thinking.
As far as why people do it, it's kind of like looking at mock drafts, people enjoy speculating about what can be.

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here's why for me

IDK about you but I've always been one to analyze other team's (than my favorite) and pick apart what moves they should make: free agents, trades, contracts, etc.. I've been doing this before most people, including myself, had internet, so now that I can share my ideas with anyone who will listen, I do it. Plus I can read other people's ideas, which always helps you grow your own knowledge if you know how.

Also, so what if there are a lot of dumb trade ideas? I'm willing to trade 10 dumb ones for 1 good one.

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Try this

Go read balldontlie for a few minutes, and then come back and read about the dumb trades and they will appear to be ingenious.

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Why take I take my jeep into

Why take I take my jeep into the mud earlier? It was fun.

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Why do I drink my own urine?

Why do I drink my own urine? Its sterile and I like the taste

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Often the trade ideas come

Often the trade ideas come from newbies on the site, the regular guys don't tend to put up random trades unless there are players who might be on the block or looking for a trade.

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I personally think those

I personally think those newbies aren't all newbies, just guys that know trades will get negged to death and don't want to take the heat. I have no proof of this its just a hunch.

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