what the magic should do in the offseason.

resign turk, sign mcdyess, trade battie, reddick, let gortat walk, and trade in the draft and get a big man.

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magic off season moves

Hedo is top priority, resign him immediately. after that look to bring back Gortat but i wouldn't over-extend myself to do so. I like the idea of trading the expiring contract of battie also try and deal johnson he makes a meager 2 mil but the backcourt is crowded and small we cant reallly use him. al harrington matches up with them and his versatility could really give the magic a line up tough to match up against

nelson, hedo, lewis, harrington, howard
with skip, lee, peitrus and gortat, off the bench then i agree w/ mcdeyss if detroit actually drops him. if not try channing frye or maybe jeff foster.

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