What if New York Drafted_____________?

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What if New York Drafted_____________?

What if New York drafted Lance Stephenson over Andy Rautins and Landry Fields?

What would the pros and cons be to the situation of him playing in New York like Marbury?

Would he have had the chance to flourish, or would New York bury him on a deep bench like they tend to do majority of their acquisitions?

Knicks fans I would especially love to hear from you all.

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They are letting Fields

They are letting Fields start, so I don't see why Stephenson would not get some minutes, but if they had drafted Fields and Stephenson, Landry would probably gobble up all his minutes anyway

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If Stephenson got into

If Stephenson got into trouble while playing for Indiana I think there definitely would have been overwhelming odds against him in NY, even if it is his home. I think Fields is still the better fit though because he doesn't need the ball in his hands to be effective, and it's not like they need more scoring. At this point it looks like they definitely should've taken him over Rautins because Rautins isn't even playing, so what would the downside have been?

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The Knicks were trying to

The Knicks were trying to change the culture of their team though, and not have any head cases, and they knew that even though Stephenson had the talent he was trouble prone.

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stephenson already got in

stephenson already got in trouble in indy...

if that happened in NY, he wouldve probably been cut

or severly crucified by the media lol

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Not gonna lie, when i saw the

Not gonna lie, when i saw the Knicks drafted Fields, i thought they were crazy because i thought he would go undrafted.

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