What happened to Birdman?

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What happened to Birdman?

We did not see a single minute of Chris Andersen out there on the court, Spoelstra opting to go small, and use more small-ball lineups. For most of this playoffs, Birdman has been a pivotal presence, with his hustle, and his ability to get garbage points and finish off of passes underneath the basket.

It was shown in the box score, where the Spurs dominated in the paint, and also grabbed more rebounds, which means more shot attempts. An interesting coaching move, but it didn't seem to work out. I wonder how they're going to answer. You'd think they would need his energy to get going, but it wasn't there.

What do you think about Spo's choice?

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Birdman is useless aside from garbage buckets and block shots

He's a terrible defender and he's not skilled enough to play meaningful minutes in a pivotal game...

Would you take out Bosh or Haslem for Birdman???

The Heat have no answer for Duncan down low, Bosh can't consistantly guard Timmy and Haslem and Anderson aren't doing any better...

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It's the right choice. They

It's the right choice. They can't beat the Spurs playing big boy ball. The paint gets cluttered and it mucks up their drive and kick game.

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Birdman is vastly overrated

Birdman is vastly overrated as a player and it is the right decision to give Udonis Haslem minutes instead. Being a solid weak-side shot blocker does not mean you are a good defender- which he isn't.

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I think people here are

I think people here are forgetting exactly how good a finisher Birdman is in the paint. He's arguably been the best finisher down-low for Miami throughout the playoffs.

But as stated before by Siggy, Miami can't beat Spurs if they go big. Bosh and Haslem are playing center and there aren't enough minutes for Anderson when Miami goes small. Indiana refused to go small and that's why Anderson got a lot of burn but San Antonio can go small, rendering Birdman useless.

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good players

Good players make coaches look better than they really are. Spoelstra is not that good of a coach. He is ok. Popp is kicking his ass.

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It's only 3-2. Spo has countered every finals loss with game winning adjustments (blowout fashion). He is brilliant at breaking down film after losses and appropriately modifying his teams play. He forced Pop to play small and start Manu when he hasn't started all year.

It's easy to say that the talent is making him look good and at times it is, but to discredit him to this point isn't just IMO. What more do you want? Do you want him to tell Bosh to hit the boards harder or for LBJ to stay in attack mode? or Chalmers, Cole, or Haslem to show up on the road and make an impact?

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Needs to get some pt, Lebron plays good when he has the ball. They new to go back to Cleveland mode once in a while. When the heat made their run in game 2 it was Lebron with a bunch of role players. LeBron isn't a "scorer" so when you have a bunch of people aroun him that canale certain shots, it opens up the court for him. Bosh/Wade aren't making jumpers so they can help leBron when he kicks out, when he does Bosh/Wade put the ball in the floor right away. Why not put a line up of charmers, Allen, Lebron, Haslem, Anderson? Anderson does finish well on dump off passes, and actually looks to cut when leBron needs him to. Haslem hasn't been getting the shots that he needs to take, so treat him like Bosh, Haslem has a great jumper to 15ft. That opens up even more for lebrons. I just feel like at certain junction in the game Spo needa to let LeBron out of the cage and let him to what he LIKES! To do.

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Oh and..

Lets not forer he is a good help defender and pick and roll defender, Birdman also brings something the heat don't always have ad that's energy and "passion". He may not be the best 1v1 defender put who else is?

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put him on Splitter- I agree

put him on Splitter- I agree his energy alone would be a plus ATM. Also he's good at finishing dump off passes. They way they keying in on perimeter drivers he seems like a good bail out option. Instead of kicking it out to bosh for yet another top of the key jump shot. Just mho

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No Birdman?

All three dudes can't guard Duncan! "Muggsy" Bogues could back down Bosh in the post. I would play all three in hopes that one of them could at least slow down Duncan? In truth, James would be the Heats best bet to slow down Duncan.

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Yeah, Mike Miller insertion

Yeah, Mike Miller insertion into the starting lineup ,sent Haslem to the bench..And that pushed Birdman farther down the bench....Even though Miller went scoreless in Game 4,his presence on the floor opened the lanes for Wade and Lebron....That might've been 1 of the most meaningful scoreless performance i've seen in awhile..But last night Pop made adjustments.....

But Miami still could've use Birdman last night.....His shot blocking,energy and ability to finish would've helped them alot..And he gets into the head of the Spurs big men...Birdman might not be a great defender,he's an aggressive defender..

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