What Happened to...........

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What Happened to...........

What ever happened to Eddie Robinson after his big 5-year $32mil contract with the Bulls?

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Far and away one of the worst

Far and away one of the worst signings ever they signed him to that deal after his 2nd year when he averaged 7.4 points and 3 rebounds...and that deal translates to $39M today.

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Earned about 8 mil of that $32 mil and then stole the rest and rode into the sunset. He was a great athlete but could never be the big time player that should be paid that much. That was the summer the Bulls missed out on both Grant Hill and Tracey McGrady.

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He was SUPER fun to watch

He was SUPER fun to watch though, freak athlete with good size and a soft shooting touch. I was younger when he used to play for the Bulls. I think he got hurt and had some drug problems (?) though if I'm not mistaken.

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I remember reading he was

I remember reading he was usually one of if not the first to leave practice. He was one of those "signed and retired" kind of guys. Great athlete, yes. But he had a work ethic worse than Michael Olowakandi.

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I remember him. I always

I remember him. I always thought his game was so similar to Darius Miles w/ less hype. He was super talented, but I guess he didnt have the intangibles to stick around.


I found this old Dime article on him:

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Oh memphis_tyga23, I was so

Oh memphis_tyga23, I was so pumped when the Bulls signed him, lol, I was in high school and he was rocking the knee socks like I did and the headband which I thought was awesome but my coach would let us wear them, was super fun to watch because the dude could flat out fly, I really thought he was gonna break out, but really just kinda faded away. I think he had a 99 dunk rating on NBA 2000, but I'm really searching the old brain for that one, not sure if its' right, lol

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I remember this guy when I was younger, he came from UCO Broncos(University of Central Oklahoma). The only reason I know who that school is because I lived anout 20 miles from there, it was considered a reject school for those who couldn't get into the likes of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, & Tulsa.

I remember being amazed that someone went pro from there, it kind of hit home since about 90% of my high school friends ended up going to UCO. E-Rob was an insane athlete and I never understood why the Bulls put so much faith in him to give him that kind of a contract.

Also on a side note, I believe you're right JoeWolf1, I do seem to remember his dunk rating being 99 or maybe it was 96, either way it was an insane dunk rating for back then.

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