What a Game!: Duke edges Miami

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What a Game!: Duke edges Miami

Was that a great game or what? Had me on the edge of my seat the whole game.

Miami was on their A-game with Shane Larkin having an amazing night, scoring 25 points on 50% shooting. Kenny Kadji and Durand Scott performed well too.

Why was Reggie Johnson so cold? Laid a complete goose egg tonight. That's going to be on the mind at practice tomorrow morning.

But of course, Ryan Kelly, Ryan Kelly, Ryan Kelly.

Kelly was unconscious the entire game. 36 points, 7 rebounds, 7-9 from 3. The guy was just on fire the whole night. It's even more surprising considering Kelly just started practicing last week.

This night will only complicate who snags a coveted #1 seed even more.

Miami gave it their all, and on any other night they would have a great shot at winning, but what happened?

Ryan Kelly happened.

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I didnt know

I didnt know Kelly was that good!! He was stroking it!

Reggie Johnson shouldve been benched earlier in the game... Wasnt there mentally

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One of the best moments of

One of the best moments of the season....I mean good lord.

Also this game wouldn't have been so tight at the end if Coach K would stop being so damn stubborn with his defense. They do not have the athletes to do the overplay defense (they will next year) and yet he still insists on doing so.

Duke right now is incredibly vulnerable to athletic teams unless they pack in their defense like they did in 2010 when they won the title...

Also btw Ryan Kelly will be a better pro than Mason Dumblee. If Kelly was European, GMs would be drooling over him right now. I would not take Plumlee in the lottery...

He is without a doubt Dukes most important player on offense AND defense and I hope now he has the nations attention. I feel like once he gets to workout with a couple teams, some GM will fall in love with him and get him as an absolute steal in the second round.

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Kelly is so damn good at

Kelly is so damn good at finding his spots. Thats a skill that will definitely translate to the NBA, and almost every team would like a big who can shoot from all over the court. In addition, he aint a bad rebounder either.

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Does anyone else see Ryan

Does anyone else see Ryan Kelly being a Ryan Anderson type player at the next level?

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I could see him being similar

I could see him being similar to Anderson. Probably not quite as good a shooter, but better defensively.

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Yeah it is kind of amazing

Yeah it is kind of amazing that it is very clear that with Ryan Kelly, Duke is elite, and without him they are only a good bubble team. And yet the guy gets no buzz about going to the next level.

And crap, I was at a bar that was playing the game and then they switched it to some hockey thing. So I only saw a bit of it.

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Without him they are a bubble

Without him they are a bubble team? HA

Without him, they are still a very good, very dangerous team... NO WAY they are a bubble team... When has duke ever been a bubble team?

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Good thing Duke held off

Good thing Duke held off Miami late run their premature celebration(Taping the floor) before the game was over would've been laughable.

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almost as laughable as the

almost as laughable as the tar heels have been this season.

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