What does Jeremy Tyler get from Playing in Europe

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What does Jeremy Tyler get from Playing in Europe

What is gained and lost by Tyler going to Europe. In my opinion, he'll gain more than he looses. Besides the money and the bball experience he'll get a once in a lifetime opportunity to live in some amazing country, learn about life and culture, all while getting paid to work on his game and prepare for the NBA.

I don't think it's fair to young American basketball stars that they are not allowed to earn a living with their talents. Young stars in many other sports and lots of other professions get paid as soon as their good enough to get paid while b-ballers make money for television companies, universities etc all while risking injury. The NBA and the NCAA have some work to do to figure out a better way forward.


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$$$$$ and better experience

$$$$$ and better experience than the college game.

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Wish he was a Cardinal but don't blame him

Being a Louisville fan, I hate to see a talent like Tyler not coming. On the other hand I don't blame him for his choice. He'll get more experience and become a better player in the long run. With him being the only offensive threat on his high school team, he would have faced double and triple teams in his senior year. What can he learn from that?

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Kelly Olynyk a 6'10'' Forward, bound to Gonzaga for the 2009-2010 NCAA Season

Expect to hear a lot more about Kelly later this summer when he leads Canada at the FIBA U-19 World Championships



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