What do you want to see for your team(s) come deadline?

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What do you want to see for your team(s) come deadline?

The deadline approaches and there has been a bit of movement, with plenty of rumors swirling.

I like what the Raptors did in getting Ibaka and I think Nurkic in Portland could be very good for not only their playoff push, but long-term future as well.
What do you want your team(s) to do?

I follow 2 teams heavily: Indiana Pacers and Dallas Mavericks

Indiana - I posted a DMC/Turner centered trade earlier, but it's pretty unlikely, so I will look at some more realistic option. I want 2 things to happen:
#1: Stuckey and 1st Rounder for Wilson Chandler - I think both team could find a 3rd party for Stuckey who can definitely still ball and provide some scoring from the 6th man spot. Chandler could slide into the 3-spot and he does a bit of everything that Indiana could do with, shoots, defends and is an underrated scorer. Not too mention move PG13 to the 2 where I think he would be straight scary.
#2: Monta Ellis, GR3 and future 2nd rounders for Lou Williams - Young 3-D wing who could fit nicely next to Ingram and Russell, he could prove to be a very effective role player and some future picks for LA. Ellis and Williams both cheapish contracts that'll match-up. Lou Wlliams is a fantastic bench scorer and Indiana's 2nd unit could do with a spark, he could provide it.

Roster: PG. Teague SG. George SF. Chandler PF. Young C. Turner - Williams, Jefferson, Seraphin, Brooks

Dallas - They are close to playoff contention, but I still think going younger and building with Barnes is the best idea. Expiring contracts in D-Will and Bogut along with Wes Matthews are the likely key trade pieces. I would love to see them get younger:
#1: Wesley Matthews and Bussino for Singler, Payne, Collison, Morrow and 1st Rounder.
Now this may seem like a lot for OKC to move, but it is mainly Payne and pick the rest is to match the salaries. You bring Matthews in to start at 2-guard meaning Oladipo can go join Kanter in a very formidable 2nd unit. The Singler contract sucks for Dallas, but they get younger and another pick for upcoming draft.
#2: Deron Williams for Shumpert and 1st Rounder - A pretty nice rental for Cavs and Dallas get another pick to help build. Shumpert is still a solid player and as the cap goes up $9mil will be very reasonable for what he can do.

Roster: PG. Pick (Fultz, Ball or Smith) SG. Curry SF. Anderson PF. Barnes C. Mejiri - Ferrell, Powell, Payne and those draft picks.

If Dallas does this I think Dirk walks away.

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I like the topic and love hearing all the random rumors going around this time of year. As a Bulls fan I would use the term of re-tooling the roster, while getting some younger talent.

I don't buy into the Valentine hype that many other fans seem to be enamored with. IMO he's a D League stud and an NBA dud. Going along with that I would trade him and our mid-first round pick for Okafor, and if another piece like Mirotic needs to be included so be it, but for sake of argument now just Valentine and 1st rounder.

At that point we would have 3 solid centers, even though Felicio is a clear back-up. Thus would need to trade Robin Lopez, and the only team off the top of my head that could use some size is Boston. This would allow Horford to go to the stretch 4 position he hasn't played his entire career and give them size and defense in the paint. My suggestion for this would be a trade of Lopez for Amir Johnson and one of Boston's second round picks, as we won't get Brooklyn's pick for Lopez. Johnson expires at the end of the season and the pick can be used for a cheaper rookie, or dealt another time.

We would still have a plethora of PG's and lowest 3 point shooting teams, however I like MCW's defense and Rondo with the second unit, and Grant as a third PG/spot starter. Although Hoiberg needs to find a consistent rotation.

With this the potential lineups would be:

PG: MCW, Rondo, Grant

SG: Wade, McDermott, Butler, Grant

SF: Butler, McDermott, Zipser

PF: Gibson, Mirotic, Johnson, Zipser

C: Okafor, Felicio, Gibson, Johnson

Is this a championship contender this season, no, but we would have a solid post presence for the future and a bench that would compliment Rondo. Also, I feel like Gibson is one of the better compliments to Okafor, he's no AD but can stretch the floor and play solid post D. Add to that MCW and Butler play great perimeter D and won't just allow their man into the paint.

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I don't have a name in

I don't have a name in particular but the Celtics need a big that can rebound. Last time I checked the Celtics are 29th in defensive rebounding and in my opinion it is a big part of the slip on defense. I've seen people mention Tyson Chandler, Nikola Vucevic, and Robin Lopez but all those players are not on expiring deals. Ainge is trying to maintain cap space for the offseason so I don't expect a deal for the players I listed above.

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The pistons are disappointing this year, but they are now turning it around. I do think that the pistons need to trade him because he fit SVG system. Drummond is underperforming. Luer and Smith were very good pickups.. Morris has been consistent for the most part. Harris has been very solid as a start and off the bench.

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Aggressively look to pursue a trade for Lou Williams. I know it seems counterproductive because he has been their best player this season, but he is probably the only player outside of their young core that would possibly net them anything of value. A contender looking for scoring punch off the bench might be willing to part with a first round pick or young prospect with potential for him.

In a perfect world, I would much rather see the Lakers move the contracts of Deng, mozgov or young but thats not likely to happen. As much as I like Williams, he does not fit the timetable for this team to contend. He is also on a very friendly contract relative to market value and he is taking away pt and playmaking responsibility from players they are trying to develop (Russell, Clarkson, Ingram). Might as well dangle him out there while his value is at its highest.

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What I would like to see for the team I like to watch:

OKC: I would have originally liked to get Dion Waiters back and maybe James Johnson but now that is probably out the window due to them almost being back in the Playoff mix so...I would like to see one of the following moves happen:

1) T.J Warren and Brandon Knight for Cam Payne,A-mo,Singler(they have to take one bad deal at least),Our trade exception. This move helps the Sun go full rebuild mode around: Booker,Bledsoe,Chriis,Bender and maybe Len..They get a better Pick due to losing more now,a bench Pg who suits their time line better and may embrace a bench role better than Knight has..OKC get more fire power in Warren and a PG who may resepect being behind Russ on a playoff team and may handle a 6th man role better with us than on a losing team...

2)Wilson Chandler for Cam P and our trade exception for Chandler...This probably won't happen as they could probably get a better deal or may want to move Danilo first, but my guess is the do this move so they can then move Jameer for another piece and also have more Cap room for a big name in free agency..

3) Stanley Johnson for Our Trade exception,A-mo,Singler and Josh Huestis..They would maybe want more but this move helps them save cap for upcoming KCP contract,Gives them a player in Singler who knows Stans system and a shooter in A-mo as a rental to help space the floor for this season...Josh huestis is also young and may work under Stan ..

4) Khris Middleton for Abrines,Cam P,A-mo our trade exception and maybe Huestis...I would prefer to have kept Abrines out of the deal as he is on a reasonable contract and has some serious potential but Khris Middleton would be a Very very nice fit in OKC at the SF/SG spot...Bucks may do this as they get some cap relief with exception and expiring deal with Giannis new deal kicking in,G-monroe may opt in. They also get some youth in Payne and Abrine who may suit Kidds system while also helping them tank for a lower pick. While OKC gets that piece that helps them become more of a threat during Russells window..

5)But my preferred move is this: Try trade up for Jayson Taytum in next years draft...Which would probably take Payne our Pick and maybe our Trade exception..While getting Taytum and an average contract back..Which is would maybe have to wait until the draft unless it works if we trade our pick rights for their pick rights (which I don't know if we can due to Kanter and Waiters pick trade)

As Taytum reminds me of a cross between Danny G/Otto Porter(right now)/Shane Battier in his prime which would fit nicely on our team..

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You do realize you're

You do realize you're overvaluing OKC's assets right?

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Just wondering how am I am overvaluing them?

Deal 1) Theyhave been trying to move a contract which they have overpaid and the player doesn't want to be there in-Brandon Knight the Deal I have proposed helps them have cap relief and move more in the direction their team. The compensation for us giving them cap relief is T.J warren who they can replace with their most likely top 5 pick..Who they could use on Taytum or Jackson

Deal 2) As I have said it probably won't happen as they could get more...

Deal 3) How is this overvaluing? Stanley has played into a role player role/getting some DNP's They get would about 3-10 mill+ saving off any moves if they waive A-morrow and could absordb another contract in another trade with the trade exception. Or they could keep players that are on a cheaper deal than Johnson who could play the same minutes as Johnson with less hassle..

Deal 4) Probably won't happen also but they may want to push partial reset if they are without Jabari for a long time,meaning they may want to get some cap relief while they can get some young assets to help them get a higher pick and fit Giannis timeline..But same as Wilson deal they could maybe get a better deal..

Deal 5) Depends on who gets Taytum:If any of these teams get him it could happen: Portland,Knicks,Philly.Minny and maybe Sacramento all may be willing to make this deal...Anyone else all depends on if they need cap relief or don't want to have as much on the books with Paynes deal being cheap than a top 10 picks deal...They would also get another prospect in our pick if eligible to trade/pick for the other team so they would get two young prospects who could help give the other team even more depth...

I wouldn't say I have completely overvalued the players though as I have offered youth back,cap relief and players with some potential/that may fit the other team.

I could even argue we are losing some of the deals by taking on expensive contracts and taking on players with injury historys: Knight(seems to have a lot of them),Chandler hip issues(hopefully they have lessened),T.J has had surgery,Khris Middleton Hamstring surgery...The only player that hasn't had surgery is S.J

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I agree w/ Dazzling. If we can land something for Sweet Lou

we Must try. The Lakers are in Serious Danger of losing out top pick which is Top 3 protected & if we lose it b/c our Young core - D'Angelo, Ingram, Russell, Randle, Nance Zubic - are playing & developing & winning than I can live w/ that.

But I just can not abide handing out pick to Philly b/c Nick Young & Lou WIlliams are having career seasons.

So trade Lou & now that Magic is on board Fire the Buss kids & the GM

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I just want to trade Okafor and resign Noel

I'd love to trade him to anyone willing to give up a young Wing player

I'd ask Orlando about Fournier or Hezonja, who I feel could be had for Okafor straight up

Mario could be a good bench scorer, especially on a team like Philadelphia where he'd get PT behind Covington/Simmons/Stauskas

Orlando could use Okafor to take over for Vucevic who they could they trade for a young PG and Cap relief

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Boston Celtic's

Please just get someone in here that can get a defensive rebound! Celtics have been one of the worst rebounding teams since 2009, and I'm kind of getting fed up with it.

I would like them to target Taj Gibson, Kenneth Farried, Trevor Booker, or even someone like Tyson chandler or Vucevic.

All those guys are getting paid the same amount, in the $10 range, and all are great rebounders who play really hard.

I think Gibson would be the best to deal for mainly because he's expiring, and it wouldn't cost much to get him. Same with Booker.

The problem with the Celtics is that if you can't shoot the 3, you probably don't see the floor, so we are holding out for a big that can both rebound and shoot, and that's going to be hard to come by. Personally I watch our team and think "man, can you imagine how good we'd be if we had a real PF out their instead of the corpe of Amir Johnson?"

People keep going on and on about trying to get Butler/George, and I'm over here like, please just get us a competant PF that can stretch the floor and play some defense. Imagine what a guy like AD or Cousins could do on this team? Even a guy like Marc Gasol or Jokic.

But I can be patient. People are too short sited sometimes, even the Boston media. For example, I think Celtics will 100% draft a guard in this yeras draft baring a major trade, and I think Avery Bradley gets traded now that Smart has semi-emerged, and Brown has shown flashes of being a competent 2 guard in this league going foward.

I've proposed the trade before, Bradley for Noel, and I wouldn't be surprised to see us do a trade similar to that very soon, either on draft night, or next year. AB is going to get paid, and we simply aren't going to pay him imo. So I would like to see him go if we can sure up our frontcourt. Big Al and Kelly are two very skilled bigs, now we just need one who can bang with the big boys in the paint. Bradley for Favors would be interesting too.

That's what I want to see.

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