What do we think now?

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What do we think now?

I got killed for my answer, but was just wondering how you guys feel about these 3 now.

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Seems as if MANY slept on

Seems as if some slept on Paul George, kudos to the ones that didn't, I never really followed him, so I didn't know much about his potential just knew he was athletic.

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I give Festar35 credit for

I give Festar35 credit for seeing it in George early on because I sure didn't... And I go to most games.

His improvement this season has been unbelievable. He's not the same player when it comes to being aggressive, ball handling, passing and especially his in between game.

My only knock on him now is just getting to the free-throw line and stop settling for jumpers.

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I remember playing 2k11

I remember playing 2k11 MyPlayer in my 3rd season and George had an 87 overall and was the star player of the Pacers and I thought it was crazy, doesn't seem so crazy now and it seemed 2k has actually predicted the future lol

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haha funny what playing in

haha funny what playing in Charlotte does to you. MKG? who dat?

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I've been a big George

I've been a big George supporter since before the draft. I was always high on his potential and was almost certain he was going to become the next Rudy Gay. But NOBODY predicted he was gonna all of the sudden learn how to take people off the dribble, become aggressive attacking the rim, and actually become a very good passer 2 months into the season. Starting in like December George has just been on a tear and hasn't let up.

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