What Coach would you want to play for?

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What Coach would you want to play for?

If you had your choice who are the coaches or 1 coach ud want to play for? It can be college or the NBA. you can also list coaches you wouldnt want to play for. My college choices would be: Villanovas Jay Wright, Syracuse Jim Boehiem, Texas Rick Barnes, and Kansas Bill Self. Coaches i wouldnt wanna play for is North Carolinas Roy williams, Georgetowns John Thompson the 3rd, and even though ima duke Fan Coach K i dont think i could play for. In NBA id want to play for Mike Dantoni, Doc Rivers, and Scott brooks. Wouldnt want to play for Phil Jackson, Greg Popovich, and Jerry Sloan.

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Gary Williams......He doesnt

Gary Williams......He doesnt play favorites. holds his player accountable, brings the best out of you, some people are scared to be yelled at but I like it, it means the coach sees your potential or else he wouldnt waste his breath

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Sloan and Pop might make me snap

I respect Pop I went to college and blazed up with his daughter lol 4 real, but I don't think I could play for him. I would like to play for Boehim,Doc Rivers,Calipari,Red Aurbach,Hubie Brown, andPhil Jackson also. But I hate a guy who uses the media so much, but Phil would make you better and put you in the best situation to succeed so yeah Phil.

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I would love to play for Jay

I would love to play for Jay Wright...ima guard and .he lets his guards have alotta freedom on offense and his winning percentage as a coach speaks for itself

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The coach of the worst team

The coach of the worst team in all of college basketball, that'd be the only chance I'd see the court, lol.

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John Thompson and John

John Thompson and John Calipari

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i wud wanna play for mike dantoni

who doesnt love having the green light to shoot every time and not play d

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so u wouldnt play for the hof coaches

why in the world would u not wanna play for three of the best coaches ever in sloan pop and phil is it because they are a holes and demand the best well for me thats who i wanna play for a winner who no matter the method makes me better guess you must not wanna be pushed to be the best

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I would love to play for Bob

I would love to play for Bob Knight or Larry Brown

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