What is the best scenario for the Timberwolves???

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What is the best scenario for the Timberwolves???

The best player to have is Irving for the Wolves however lets just think the Cavs take him #1. All the mock drafts are saying we should take Derrick Williams? NO!! that is so stupid why would we take a player who is the same position as Beasley with a nice backup in Webster. So i would like to see us trading this pick down to get Brandon Knight or Kemba Walker. I would much rather have Brandon Knight because he has more upside than kemba and is taller for the point guard spot. Since we have a Point Guard for the future we should trade Rubio's rights since they are still worth something. I say trade him to the Clippers for our first round pick we lost in the Cassel trade, on a count of next years draft is loaded with talent. Then do whatever with the 20th pick whether its Jordan Hamilton, Tyler Honeycutt, or Singleton for some depth. So heres are starting 5.

PG- Brandon Knight

SG- Wes Johnson

SF- Michael Beasley

PF- Kevin Love

C- Anthony Randolph or Darko

If you look at the backcourt is going to improve from last year on a count of Wes Johnson's hopeful development over the summer. Also, Brandon Knight is an upgrade from Ridnour adding athleticism and scoring. Although Ridnour makes a really good backup. I really hope the Wolves look to start Randolph at center with his ability to dribble up the court and create opportunities and his presense in the paint. Let me know your thoughts and your best case scenario for the wolves in the draft!!

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