Western Conference

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Western Conference

Who's coming out of the West this year?

It seems at this point to still be up for grabs at this point and I can't quite say who I think will come out of the West this summer. I really want to say OKC because I LOVE KD...but my eyes and brain tell me the Clippers are the team to beat right now. I think Blake's really taken his game to a new level and I consider him the type of player you can base a championship team. CP3 is CP3. Matt Barnes is the 2014 Bruce Bowen/Shawn Marion. Jordan is a physical specimen although he could be more consistent. Collinson is as good as any back up PG. JJ's at the peak of his career right now and Crawford is still doing what he does...making plays on the offensive end. I thought this way before they even added Granger who will only add another scorer with plenty of experience. I love what KD's done this year and I know everyone has bashed Russell since he's came back but I for one believe the proof is in the pudding. OKC seems to have a cap as to what kind of success they can have with the Westbrook/KD combo. That said what does everybody else think as far as the West?

Are the Rockets contenders? Will the Spurs fall apart at some point? Could Portland be knocked out in the first round? Just kind of curious as to how people think on the subject

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