Westbrook surgery!

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Westbrook surgery!

Russel westbrook surgery how concerned are you?

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At first they said he'll only

At first they said he'll only miss the preseason, Now they've included a couple of games at the start of the season. I know there will be folks saying they have Schroeder. And he started in Atlanta. But Westbrook might be more important to his team than any other player in the league. When he's on the floor OKC assists jump 5.36. And last season they were 33-9 when he had a triple double and 14-26 when he didn't. They r already a team that struggles to score. Last season the starters scored 75% of the team's points. Dude gives a 110% when he plays. Can he adjust his game when he starts losing his athleticism?

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Knowing westbrook

He'll comeback early if his team loses a couple of games, I remember when he torn his meniscus, he came back ealr and proved the doubters worng and dominated.

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I think Westbrook is taking precautions to make sure his game is

I think this is more of a clean up than anything...Hopefully that is my guess is when is back it will take about 20 games until he is semi game fit again...

The pro's to him doing it now vs Later.

He will be fresher come the later part of the season. due to playing less games.

It gives our team more reps without Westbrook meaning we could have better playoff success.

Westbrook may observe what the team needs him to do to win.

Dennis S will get more reps in Donovans system both as starter and Bench player

Westbrook will be fired up due to having to watch GSW ring cermony and not ruin it for them...So come playoffs time if we make it he will extra motivated..

The only negatives I see is Westbrook may round into game shape a little later meaning some teething issues with the team trying to reintergrate him back which may lose us a couple of games early on in his return...

As for how will Westbrooks game age that is hard to tell but I think he is aware his athleticism will decline hence more 3's than earlier in his career and in the offseason workout videos..Hopefully if it goes in more frequently like in the workout videos.

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