Watch The Throne - your take on it?

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Watch The Throne - your take on it?

I was just wondering how you guys felt about the album and how would you rate on a scale of 1 to 10? And if you have a personal favorite on here, what is your favorite track?

My review: First of all, I can't believe this album didn't leak lol. I mean its crazy cuz every album leaks a week or two before the release date.

But on to the music. I would rate this work like an 8.7/10. I think it was pretty good album, amazing beats on some tracks. Its just that I feel like Jay-Z was a step behind Yeezy because Kanye was killin' most of the tracks. After a while, Jay-Z started sounding the same to me but thats just my opinion. I also really liked having my man Frank Ocean on the vocals for those two songs cuz that guys is the truth.

Personal favorite - "Who Gon Stop Me"

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Not going to lie, I'm a

Not going to lie, I'm a little disappointed with the Album. There was so much hype around it and it felt like it was a let down.

1. The beats were reaching so hard to be original that it didnt sound good.

2. They didnt use Frank Ocean the way he needed to be used. He needed his own verse. The man wrote for so many people let him show his ability. But they only gave him hooks. SMH, i think kanye didnt want to get shown up.

3.The verses from Jay and Kanye are always classic but im telling you the beats ruined this album.

There are a few good songs on here,

New Day- I love how they used the Horns from Edward Sharpe- Home. That made that song epic for me

Made in America- Frank Ocean made it, what else can be said.

Overall 7/10

Watch the Throne < Blue Print < Graduation.

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For as much firepower these

For as much firepower these two names bring to the table, the album is VERY underwhelming. You can tell their chemestry isn't the same anymore, back when Kanye use to executive produce for Jay-Z (Blueprint 1), they were making classics. It just seems like this album was put together within a week, their style don't mesh together like they use to.

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It seems more like an EP than

It seems more like an EP than an actual album. I agree, sounds like they did it in a week or so.

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