Washington Wizards

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Washington Wizards

This is kind of Pacers related, but also I wonder what you guys see the value of Bradley Beal as?

Say your Washington's GM & the Pacers ring with an offer of:
Turner or Sabonis, Aaron Holiday + 18th pick would you take it? (Wizards price was apparently 2 picks & 1 young asset - here they get 2 young assets + 1 pick)
Would you rather have Turner or Sabonis?

Could this offer beat 4th pick + Kuzma or Ingram from LA?

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Have the lakers offered this? Honestly, I think the Lakers offer is better bcuz aaron holiday hasn't proved himself in this league yet even tho yes he's young and has potential but they do still have john wall who they won't be getting rid of for a few years with that contract. So it's really kuzma vs turner/sabonis and 4th vs 18th and obviously the 4th pick has a bit more value than the 18th and then for kuzma and the others, it really depends on the style the Wiz want to play with. Kuzma I think is a run and gunner and shooter that is a bit weaker on the defensive end where as the other 2 can be decent guys on the inside both ends of the floor even tho turner has been hanging around the perimeter more lately on the offensive end. So value-wise, i dont think the pacers value is up to par for the wiz

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If the Lakers offered Ingram

If the Lakers offered Ingram plus 4th against the Pacers of Turner or Sabonis, Holiday and 18th then the Lakers offer is by far superior. If it was Kazuma and 4th then the deals are more equal.

Personally I think that Washington would like to have two top 10 picks although Turner is on a fair value contract. Sabonis is available for an extension this summer so a lot could depend how high that was.

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Lakers deal and this isn't even close.

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Ingram has the potential to

Ingram has the potential to be a much better player than Beal.

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Good point. But ask yourself.

Good point. But ask yourself. Does Beal have the potential to be better than Ingram? Thats the question.

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Except Beal is a top 15-20

Except Beal is a top 15-20 player and Ingram is more like 150-200.

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When you look deeper

Ingram is walking High risk case, with blood clot issues being as unpredictable as they are, his value has to be low ATM, how the lakers feel they have any great trades on the table is beyond me 9Ball, U=Ingram and Hart all have health concerns, Kuzma is a 1 way player that doesnt make a team better at all)

Is the 4th pick considerably better than 18, in this draft calls? IDK, I think I can find a good role player at 18, the 4th pick will likely be a bust or a Role Player in THIS DRAFT

How much do you value Turner as a C, or Sabonis as a PF/C? If you truly value them, you wouldn't swap either for Bradley beal(who plays the same position as Olapido)

I think I'd rather have Turner and Sabonis then Beal at this point TBH

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I dont take that deal.

I dont take that deal. Trading Beal would mean an immediate rebuild. Sabonis wont be an effective player without having good smart players around him. Turner's defense wouldnt be effective on a terrible defensive team. The 18th pick is weak.

If they trade Beal they gotta get back a single player or asset they think can replace Beal's productivity longterm not a group of value that in theory eqauls the same value as Beal.

I'd much rather have the 4th pick because in that you get to select a prospect to mold to your teams vision with no bad habits, and you also get a player who's role has yet to be defined.

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These trades don't come close

These trades don't come close to working, salary-wise. And neither LA nor Indy have expendable guys on big expiring contracts to throw in. So there would have to be sign-and-trades, involving guys like Rondo or KCP from the Lakers, or Young, Bogdanovic, Collison, Joseph from the Pacers.

The Wizards suck and will suck for years ... they don't want any of those guys on long-term deals. And it's hard to imagine any of those Indy players settling for one-year deals. They're all really solid guys.

KCP and Rondo are on pretty thin ice as far as continuing their NBA careers, I would imagine. So if they were offered one year at 10-12 million to go put up empty stats on a terrible team, that might be a pretty good option for them.

If I were Washington the only piece that would really interest me is the #4 pick. But there's no reason to keep Beal around. All he's going to do is win a handful of games that they'd be better off losing over the next couple years, and then he's going to leave.

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Makes no sense for either side if Pacers and WIz pick up...

So let me get this straight? If you were Gm you would target a player that plays the exact same position as your best player?

This makes no sense for either side...Pacers give up two of their core which they will need to build on forward momentum,Beal makes no sense for them as he is a) the exact same position as Oladipo and b) to small to play sf and his handles aren't great enough to be full time PG and don't say V.O could play PG as he can't do it full time as it stunk/ was very average at it in OKC and Orl....The Wizards got Portis who is slightly better than Sabonis in terms of versatilty IMO and Turner is ok but swap for Beal ok though?This is without mentioning you have to pay Sabonis soon also..

If I was the Wizards GM I would try the following calls first:

Lakers if they flame out in A.D trade talks..Assuming they don't have a SG linedup in F.A(via back channels) They could offer two young prospects an average deal and the fourth pick. Most likely Kuzma ,Ball and What ever average deal is on the books to make it work. L.A does this to get allstar level play for LBJ timeline Washington does this to hit reset...Meaning Wall is probably gone to..

Knicks give up young pieces(Knoz,Mitchell,DSJ) an average deal like a courtney lee + the 3rd pick for Beal. Like Lakers this is relient on them missing out on A.D..Same as lakers deal rebuild mode activate.

Pelicans...This is a wild card move and is only done if A.D says he will re-up and signs first..

So the Number 1 pick + 2 average deals(Hill and Moore) for Beal..

A risky move for both sides but Washington hits reset gets the 1 pick which there is no guarantees will be good and two deals that will come of the books in 2 seasons,which is the time their rebuild will almost be over. Pelicans do this to appeaze A.D and you now have a core of A.D,Beal,Jrue.. Then I would get A.D to talk to Boogie and say Demps is gone please take a back loaded deal so we can make this work..Then round out team with Shooters..This is Risky for Pelicans as both Beal and A.D are fragile players in terms of health..

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