Warriors/Clippers game 1

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Warriors/Clippers game 1

The Clippers were actually within 10 points most of the game. Until Curry decided to break Ray Allen's all-time record for career playoff 3's. Rivers had Beverly guarding Durant which was a clever move. Rivers put Garrett Temple in to guard Curry, i think? Temple missed 3-4 shots in a row, then quit. And Curry became a Harlem Globetrotters show. There's only 1 Patrick Beverley, when he's guarding Durant no one to check Stephen Curry. Curry's playing at a better level than his MVP year in 2015. They haven't needed Durant to win a championship yet.

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If Steph gets his shooting

If Steph gets his shooting boots on then they will be very hard to beat. He'll certainly get lots of shooting opportunities against Houston in any potential play off series.

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