The Warriors are Amazing!

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The Warriors are Amazing!

As fans of the NBA and our respective favourite teams its easy to hate them. But Im sure one day these guys will slow down, be injury prone and father time will take the win and that will be when we look back on it and say wow, that was special.

These guys are just winners. Some guys make highlight plays, some guys are dunkers, some are the best but these guys just know how to win games.

Draymond Green is one of a kind. I've never seen anything like him. Since my time maybe Dennis Rodman or Ben Wallace are comparable when it coes to heart but Draymond Green makes the winning play in every single facet of the game no matter what it is. He's an anamoly because if you ask during the regular season what he's good at, its really nothing. Maybe defence, rebounding, passing. He has no outstanding skill. But when he wants to win he makes the winning play no matter what it is. Shooting, defence, an assist, a big rebound. He will close out the game with 5 huge plays non stop.

Remember the Draymond Green/Kevin Durant arguement earlier this year. Yeah, they will let Durant walk 1000 times before they trade Draymond Green. Dont kid yourself I've been saying it for years he's not nearly a top 10 talent in the NBA but he is clearly a top 10 player, if you are trying to win.

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The next time you get bored

The next time you get bored and are watching an average NBA game, don't watch what your favorite player is doing when he has the ball. Watch he is doing when he doesn't have the ball. You will be shocked how little interest most of the best players in the league have in playing basketball if they're not the one with the actual basketball.

Then watch the Curry and Thompson on offense. Yes they are great shooters, absolutely, but what accounts in part for their greatness is that they are so much more than that. They move away from the ball, constantly and effecttively, putting tremendous pressure on an opposing defense.

Then when they get the ball, they move the actual ball itsself, either by A) shooting it, or B) passing it or C) attacking. There are very few times when those guys are on the court together where one guys dribbles the air out the ball. Pass, cut, shoot, attack. Quickly.

The NBA is designed largely to showcase the talents of the individual and most people don't even know or even care what their favorite player is doing when they don't have the ball.

But ... the three best teams I have seen in the NBA, the 90s Bulls, the Spurs with Duncan, and these Warriors, combined great players with a willingness to play great team basketball, movement away from the ball, passing, cutting, shooting, and willingness to do the little things at a high level.

All three of those teams did it differently, and I'm not here to say one is better than the other, just to simply point out that true greatness comes from combining individually talented players with the purest form of basketball, which is team basketball.

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I was looking forward to

I was looking forward to watching Steph and Klay vs Dame and CJ. It's pretty obvious the Warriors backcourt is on another level. Including the defense end. Currys rebounding is underrated. Dame pretty much disappeared during Dame time. The Warriors killed the Blazers by trapping Dame. I'd like to have seen the ball in CJs hands more.

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Both very good points on

Both very good points on Draymond OhCanada and on off the ball play Mowesten.

That glue guy teams carry and all those extra little things winning teams for are so important, and I don't honestly know if there is someone better at it than Draymond. He is polarising. He's not the most talented. But if he's not there, the Warriors wouldn't be in their 5th finals. Watch him off the ball. Watch him on the bench. Just listen to him.. if you can stand it. It matters. It also helps he may be right - he may very well be one of the best if not the best defender ever across all five spots. Artest, Pippen, Rodman, Olajuwon, Big Ben.. ok, but 5s, wings and 1s? He may have them beat. To top it off, he can really pass the ball.

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