Vote for Raymond Felton

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Vote for Raymond Felton

to the all star game 2011.he playing like a all star 17.8ppg-8.0apg-3.9rpg-1.9spg in 36mpg and the knicks are a 500 team 8-8

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I love the way he's been playing

but I think Rondo, Rose and possibly John Wall have the East PG spot locked up. Maybe if two of those guys are injured, he might get a slight chance but thats sort of a strecth at this point

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Swag..... Woo.... Woo....

Swag..... Woo.... Woo.... Swag..... Swag..... Swag..... Woo

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Good pt. Skate, Felton has

Good pt. Skate, Felton has been playing great so far.

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hes turning it

over way to much

every game he has atleast 3 dumb and lazy passes

hes playing well but need to get the pick n roll set with amare

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Ray Felton has stepped up his

Ray Felton has stepped up his game recently with the Knicks winning 5 in a row and his stats have improved but under Coach D'Antoni this was expected. If Felton can continue to play to near this level then it could be very useful for the Knicks as they might have solved their PG issue without having to chase maybe CP3 via Free Agency in 2012. This would enable the roster to be strengthened elsewhere and give it the greater depth it may need for the Knicks to get back into genuine contention for the first time in well over a decade.

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