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vj king

I was wondering what everyone thinks of vj king? I know some of the basics about him like being a soph in high school, and being 6-6 175, but I have not read a lot about his game and his potential. what does everyone think of him?

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Marshon Brooks

Even looks like him. That's not a diss, Brooks made it to the NBA. King is smooth and has a great shot, but he doesn't seem like the kind of aggressive athlete that will maximize what his athletic potential could be. In 7 years his frame is going to be like Trevor Ariza instead of Joe Johnson or Lebron. He has a good mid range game which is kind of strange nowadays but he doesn't attack the basket virtually at all in half court sets. I have only seen him play a few times but its a trend you can pick up on easily.

He would prefer a Ray Allen comparison but who wouldn't. He may be more of a slightly not as good James Young yet than a slightly not as good McLemore yet. Mc uses his athletism of defense and slashes while Young wouldn't. That perpetuates the body styles to me and ussually leads to a drop in athleticism later on, IMO. But don't get me wrong he won't be a NBA Jared Dudley style guy, he just looks more athletic than he is now. His handle is smooth and confident on the wing but he doesn't use it to break guys down often.

He can ball though and has a lot of good influences in his life. Hopefuly Jakarr Sampson makes it to the League over the next couple years and VJ has a excellent shot as well. VJ and his family chose SVSM and because of Lebron and Coach Joyce and traveled some distance to get there, it seems like they made a good choice.

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Nice comparison Artist

V.J. even has the lil halfro like Marshon lol (V.J. & sisiter picture)

When it comes to his game, you are spot on, he's a shooter. He's sneaky athletic, has great length, and is super skilled. Watching him with the U16 USA squad this summer, he tend to defer at times to the other players on the team a little too much for my liking, but if he can get that killer instinct, he can be big-time.

LeBron obviously loves the kid. Follows him on Twitter, and since the Heat are playing the Cavs for Thanksgiving, King James is back in his old stomping grounds, and even checked out SVSM practice the other day. (LeBron James instagram) (I think V.J is #13)

Obviously it's early, but V.J. def has a chance to be a lottery pick imo. Not sure he's one & done material yet, but he has all the intangibles of a serious ball player. If he ever gets that alpha dog mentality though, look out!

Like I said, not sure he's one and done yet...but here's a waaay too early 2017 NBA Mock Draft Lottery with King chillin' in the cut.

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