Victor Oladipo offernsive player comparison

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Victor Oladipo offernsive player comparison

Victor Oladipo offernsive player comparison...

Elliot Williams

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I'm glad you mentioned

I'm glad you mentioned offensive because as an overall player, Victor is far more complete... better athlete, better body, better defender, tougher, more NBA ready, etc.

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Similar moves and skills to

Similar moves and skills to Jeff Green just 4 inches smaller

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AARON AFFalo with no jump

AARON AFFalo with no jump shot

ASAP Henry
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In terms of offensive game, i

In terms of offensive game, i can kind of see a poor mans D-Wade. He is always in attack mode, takes shots he knows he can make, crashes the offensive glass, and has a much improving handle and jump shot. I think this guy is going to be a stud in the NBA; work ethic, competitiveness, defense, ability to improve every year...the guy has every raw tool u look for in a prospect and is one of those guys whose worth ethic will allow him to tap into all of his potential

Memphis Madness
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He could move up into the top

He could move up into the top five of the draft with a great showing in the Tourney.

This whole draft looks fluid but there is some talent there. If last year's draft was overhyped I think this one is underhyped.

There are some bigs and some wings in this draft. Not too many pure point guards, but there are some guys who will be able to play point guard in the pros. I think Aaron Craft is a very good floor leader at point guard but I think he is a junior and not really on the draft boards. ... he might be worth a late second round pick as point guard insurance.

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