Vegas Over/Unders for this season

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Vegas Over/Unders for this season

According to this

1 Miami 60.5
2 Boston 51.5
3 Indiana 51.5
4 Chicago 47.5
5 Philadelphia 47.5
6 New York 45.5
7 Atlanta 43.5
8 Brooklyn 43.5
9 Milwaukee 36.5
10 Cleveland 32.5
11 Detroit 32.5
12 Toronto 31.5
13 Washington 31.5
14 Orlando 24.5
15 Charlotte 21.5

1 Oklahoma City 60.5
2 Los Angeles Lakers 59.5
3 San Antonio 55.5
4 Denver 49.5
5 Los Angeles Clippers 48.5
6 Memphis 48.5
7 Dallas 45.5
8 Utah 42.5
9 Minnesota 39.5
10 Portland 35.5
11 Golden State 34.5
12 Phoenix 34.5
13 Houston 30.5
14 Sacramento 29.5
15 New Orleans 25.5

The ones I like the most

- OKC under 60.5 (only 57 W pace last year, league is a lot healthier and likely less tankier, plus Westbrook is due for an injury - I have a hard time seeing them getting to 61+ if they couldn't play at that pace last year)
- Orlando over 24.3 (They still have amazing shooting and spacing and a decent amount of veterans)
- Phoenix under 34.5 (they're a mess)

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I don't get the whole

I don't get the whole Westbrook is due for an injury. There is no time table on injuries so that's just silly.

I would be very surprised if Orlando gets over 25 wins. I don't know why they would want too anyway.... that would just been a lower lottery pick.

Phoenix is a big wild card at this point. The run and gun system is built for the regular season and they have a few players who could really break out.

Miami, Thunder, and Lakers should all be right at 60+ wins so the top dogs seem about right.

One thing that really sticks out to me is Chicago with 47.5 and a 4 seed. They have a hell of a coach, but they lost some really key players. Their best player is out and they no longer have a "bench mob". I think a break even season of 41-41 would be great for them without Rose.

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Oh yeah

I'll take that Bulls action - Under. No Rose and an improved East...... 6th or 7th spot should be under 47.5 wins.

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two stick out to me- Golden

two stick out to me- Golden State and Houston. Golden State, if healthy, could be an awesome team...and if they're not 100% healthy, they're pretty deep too. And Houston have so much talent, even if they don't make a trade to shake things up, they'll definately break 30 wins.

Unders- Brooklyn- 43.5 wins isn't a lot, but the team is essentially the same one that struggled last year, +Joe Johnson, + Brook Lopez- who may or may not rebound. I think they could be weak.

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^^^^ It's basically the same

^^^^ It's basically the same team last year + 3 really good starters. Wallace played in like 16 games for them last year. Johnson is an allstar type player who has never played with someone like Williams running the point. Lopez could end up being the back up allstar this year in the East. I think people are really under estimating the Nets

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Sportsbook is slow to update

Sportsbook is slow to update at times. Unfortunately I had no moneys left when they had every team except OKC, Lakers, and Heat, at +2500ish to win a title.

Anyway, some bets I wouldn't touch.

4 Denver 49.5
5 Los Angeles Clippers 48.5
6 Memphis 48.5

I wouldn't touch any of these bets. Each of these teams can go over 50 wins, but each have their own issues. Overall, I think one of them is a lock to go under.

Denver: My safest bet to get over 48-49 wins simply because of how athletic they are and their defense looks flat-out scary on paper. #1 scoring option still a concern (Iggy could return to Philly form from a few years back?) as well as how much McGee has improved.

Clips: Paul and Griffin's health, along with Grant Hill's, is a major concern. I think this is a team, like many others, that just wants to get into the playoffs healthy and make a run from there. Also, they're relying on Lamar Odom and Jamal Crawford to bounce back. How risky is that?

Memphis: They made some nice moves by snagging Jerryd Bayless. When healthy, though, Rudy Gay and Zach Randolph just don't fit well together.

2 Los Angeles Lakers 59.5 - At first I would've said under, but Dwight Howard possibly being healthy for the start of the season changes a lot.

8 Utah 42.5 - I feel like this is right on. Ugh. Not touching this either.

Some bets I would take...

7 Dallas 45.5 - UNDER. I'm just not a fan of what they put together. They upgraded to an extent but that frontline is shaky. Basically, they need Mayo to be close to an all-star for them to crack the playoffs.

10 Portland 35.5 - UNDER. I see them at around 28-34 wins. They're in goofy rebuilding mode. Only way I see them getting to 36 wins are through breakout seasons from BOTH Lilliard (not seeing it) and Batum (very possible). Granted, they did drop Felton and Crawford, which is addition by subtraction, but I don't think they have enough. I think they'll realize that and tank away the last 15-20 games of the season.

11 Golden State 34.5 - OVER. Sneaky-deep team that, if healthy, will make a run at the 7th or 8th seed in the playoffs. What a turnaround for this team. A complete embarrassment last year as they tanked just to have the seventh pick in the draft to a team with a tantalizing future with a nucleus of Curry, Thompson, and Barnes.

12 Phoenix 34.5 - UNDER. They made some nice additions but Dragic is no Nash. They would also need an efficient year from Beasley. Efficiency is something Beasley has never even heard of.

13 Houston 30.5 - UNDER. I have no idea how they could win 30 games. And why would they? Unless a blockbuster trade is in the making, I don't see the personel that get them even 25 wins.

8 Brooklyn 43.5 - OVER. Health is a big issue regarding Lopez, but this team is solid on paper. I see them at 47-51 wins. Williams finally has some decent pieces around him and he should reap the benefits.

14 Orlando 24.5 - UNDER. Dreadful team at the moment. They have spacing...okay? Who are they spacing for now that Dwight Howard is gone? They're going to struggle mightily (as they should for a top 5 pick).

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45.5 over is 100 % and Denver 49.5 over is at 90 % imo

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