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Vasileios Toliopoulos

Vasileios Toliopoulos is a 17 year old point guard. He is listed as being 6-1.

He is said to be one of the biggest point guard prospects in all of Europe.

He plays for Panionios academies in Greece.

Here he is in YouTube at age 16, playing against players 2 years older than him in Greek under 18 league (same league Antetokounmpo played in) and also in European Under-16 championship with Greece Under-16 team:

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I am not watching that video.

I am not watching that video.

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if that's the same league

if that's the same league giannis played in, the bucks are in serious trouble.

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From that video he looked

From that video he looked very good shooting and driving to basket. He also used screens well and had good ball handling skills. On some plays I saw him taking low % looks when there were open players which makes me question whether he'll be able to make it as a PG.

I couldn't find any other videos of him though so obviously this is a very small I'm using to make a call from here.

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I thought the nigerian was

I thought the nigerian was the biggest PG prospect out of Greece. 6'10 is way bigger than 6'1!

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Giannis getting drafted was

Giannis getting drafted was one of the worst things to ever happen to this site. Now EuroBaller thinks these prospects actually might be able to make it. God damn nigerians posing as Greeks!

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You are wrong. He now seems to think Giannis was only drafted cos he is not a white Greek and that's where the bias is.

Some people seem to keep forgetting there was another Greek player drafted the year before.

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it seems like every greek

it seems like every greek player is a point guard... weird nation full of point guards and undrafted "better players of the world"...

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