Valanciunas for James "Big game" Harden

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Valanciunas for James "Big game" Harden

Alright so i've seen, and read an article in which it was reported that the thunder had offered Harden to the raptors, prior to their deal with the rockets. Im one to believe that the raptors made a wise choice, on behalf of the fact Valanciunas is a rare commodity. in terms of leadership and his style of play reminds me of a tougher version of Pau Gasol. Do the raptors make the playoffs with Harden quite possibly, but if that trade was made than we would've probably traded derozan as well. I believe especially with JV's play down the stretch hes going to be a force, i can also remember during draft day the spurs were willing to give up Tony Parker for JV .Heres the link by the way (

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