Utah Jazz front-court

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Utah Jazz front-court

As this year has rolled on I get the feeling that Favors is better suited to playing C and not PF. Do you think Kanter has the ability to play PF or will it not matter?

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In the grand scheme of

In the grand scheme of things, what is really the difference between them? There are a bunch of Centers who play pick n pop, there are plenty of PFs who don't stretch but bang in the paint.

Sure ideally your 4 man can stretch the floor a little more while your 5 sets picks and blocks shots, but if you have 1 that can do one while the other does the opposite what difference does it make if one is the PF and the other is the C?

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I agree with both comments.

The distinction between the 4 and 5 seems less significant each year. However, per traditional notions of a PF and C, Festar is right that Kanter is best suited to the 4 and Favors to the 5.

Favors has the elite athleticism needed for a rim protector and his leaping ability (first and second jump) make him an uncommon talent on D. However, he still have very few offensive moves. He's solid in the P&R and is becoming increasingly more consistent with his mid-range J, but he offers very little with his back to the basket. These realities make him best suited to play the role closest to the basket on O and D. Next year I expect Favors to average at least 16/10 with 3 bpg.

Kanter has incredible strength and has already developed pretty much all of the tools needed to be an elite post scorer. Now it's a matter of refinement. I think next year he will be similar to Boozer (at his peak), but with substantially better D. Next year I think Kanter will be at least a 19/11 player.

My projections are meant to be conservative, but are made under the assumption that both will start and receive 30 mpg next year. If the Jazz foolishly decide to resign Big Al, all bets are off.

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lets assume both of them

lets assume both of them achieve those numbers. its a two man battle for MIP at the same team. who do you think will win it? those favors numbers look like a DPOY winner already while kanter has all-star starting numbers lol. but its not that far from reality considering they are already breaking out of their shells lately.

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I've been saying that Favors

I've been saying that Favors is best suited to play Center since before he was even drafted. Favors has the prototypical size, length, strength, and playing style to play Center. He's tall, long, strong, runs the floor, rebounds, and blocks shots, plus he has more then enough body to body up other Centers in the league.

I wouldn't say that Kanter is better suited to play PF at all, his best position is Center too because of his elite strength and ability to control the paint. But unlike Favors, Kanter has enough shooting ability and offensive skill to play PF on offense.

Tho the problem lies on defense, and that both Kanter and Favors are best suited to guard the opponents Center, tho Favors has the athletic ability to guard PF's I'd rather have his size and athleticism close to the rim.

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all I know

all I know is that I enjoy watching them play together!

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Love having both

It is fun to watch both of them develop, it is frustrating at times when Corbin pulls them in favor of Big Al and or Milsap but understandable. Next year I agree with bloodshy and hope his predictions come to pass. In alot of ways the Jazz would be better off playing both these young kids now, but it is hard to argue with the Jazz philosophy of making their players earn their minutes, it does make the kids develop in the right way.

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Off topic

I'm also glad to see Alec Burks getting more minutes lately, and has been productive. He should have been playing +30mpg to begin with this season.

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There time is coming

Favors and Kanter having to work for there min. will help them in the long run. With Favors at the 5 and Kanter holding down the 4 spot there future is looking even better with the way these guys are developing. Now they just need a solid young point guard.

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