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NOLA has #1 and #10

Obviously #1 is Anthony Davis, if you suggesting the possibility of something, anything else, you will be fed to the ryback.

So lets get some chatter on #10.

prospects to consider at #10

Damian Lilard - PG

Kendall Marshall - PG

Marquis Teague - PG

Austin Rivers - SG

Jeremy Lamb - SG

Terrence Ross - SG

Dion Waiters - SG

Terrence Jones - F

Perry Jones - F

Meyers Leonard - C

Tyler Zeller - C

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I've always like the Big+PG

I've always like the Big+PG combination because they can learn to play off eachother early in their career. I wouldn't go with Terrence Jones here because I believe it'll be a reach. Maybe Marshall, Lilard, Lamb, Waiters, or Rivers?

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