USA camp invite

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USA camp invite

I read that the national usa team was gonna have a training camp this summer with 24 players, I guess they would try to look for some young players, I made thos 24 players list and I would really 2 know if you think I left somebody out, I divide them in 2 bis squads of 12 and try to put players that have chemestry or play together, thanks 4 the feedbacks and sorry 4 my grammer

Curry Irving Wall Lillard/B.Jennings
Thomp Eric Gordon Beal Bradley/Butler
Barnes Parson Leonard P.George
Anderson/Favors Blake Faried Mcroe
Lopez Jordan/Sanders Cousins Hibbert

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DMC previously said he won't

DMC previously said he won't do it again, because of Coangelo

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Jennings has not and most

Jennings has not and most likely will not get invited. Kemba Walker has already been invited and mike Conley and George hill might also. Curry hasn't and that's because he's already proven himself they said and he will get a tryout in 2016 probably same for eric Gordon. Same with Blake, the rest hasn't been announced yet

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