The UnderKanter's mock draft 1b

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The UnderKanter's mock draft 1b

Before the draft lottery I posted my final big board. Now that we know the order its time to see some picks that actually somewhat resemble team needs. Click on the link to the right to see my first real mock based on team needs.

Note: I have added comments to some of the picks. I am continuing to work on the comments that I am missing. Although I will likely not have comments for every single pick. So I will just provide comments for the ones that I feel are necessary. Like I said, I am still working on doing this. But, I wanted to see what some of your thoughts are so far.

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Thanks for the mock draft! I

Thanks for the mock draft!

I really like MCW to Detroit at 8. It makes a lot of sense, and gives the Pistons their starting five of the future. And, if they get lucky next year with Andrew Wiggins they can bring Kyle Singler off the bench as a sixth man.

The Thunder come out looking great if Alex Len falls to them at 12. That would be the best case scenario for them.

In a perfect world, Nerlens Noel comes back from his injury 100% and gives the Cavs what they absolutely need. But, there are ton of question marks there.

But, if the Cavs could get the Greek kid at 19 and Glen Rice and DeShaun Thomas in the second round then I think the Cavs should go big with the top pick. They can afford to wait for Giannis and his game to mature, and for Nerlens Noel to rehab 100%.

With your draft board, I think the Cavs and Thunder win this draft. Detroit does very well too, and probably gets the guy they really need. Orlando at 2 gets a great guard in McLemore.

Cavs add some great guys to help their rebuilding process and the Thunder get the guy who will help them be the favorites out West going into next season (depending on Russell Westbrook getting healthy of course).

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