The UnderKanter 1a mock

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The UnderKanter 1a mock

Please tell me what you think of my first mock. (Click on the link under my username. Also my comparisons are under the comments)
Note: This is not based on team needs. I will not consider needs until the draft order is set come tomorrow. So right now, my mock is basically a big board.

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looks pretty good to me only

looks pretty good to me only 2 things Burke going to the cavs..I think the Cavs will look for a PG in some point of the draft but not that early unless they plan to trade him which would be kind of silly to me. The other thing is the Knicks drafting Lorenzo Brown, as of late the Knicks have been drafting international prospects rather than college guys look for them to go after Karasev with that pick.

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I really like your big board.

I really like your big board. I feel the same way with the lottery picks. I too think Muhammad will still be a top 5 pick. Especially if the Pelicans finish with a top 5 pick. I think he fits well with them. If the Pelicans don't consider keeping EG for long term, than I think Muhammad could play the 2. I think he is more of a 2 anyways. And if not, he can still play the 3 because of his wingspan and build. Out of my own bias though, I hope Archie Goodwin gets picked up by the Spurs in the first round. I really like Goodwin as a prospect. I think he would be a great pick up for the Spurs.

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I can see Burke going top 3

I can see Burke going top 3 just not to the Cavs. But I agree that a top 3 big board looks like Noel, McLemore, and Burke.

I would have Oladipo, Porter, and Len as 4, 5, and 6. Three guys who could fall are Bennett (tweener), Cody Zeller, and Shabazz Muhammed.

The interesting thing though is I don't think there is a team out there is totally sold on Nerlens Noel, even though he is the top guy on many draft boards.

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Yeah the only question I have

Yeah the only question I have is why Burke at 3? I really like the direction of the Utah Jazz with using their later pick for Larkin, it makes a lot of sense and adding front-court depth with a polished big man in Olynyk in case Jefferson and Millsap both go.

The other thing I can potentially see is Indiana looking for a guy like Kabongo as back-up PG.

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