The Undefeated article

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The Undefeated article

Very interesting article about international black players in the NBA.

Did you guys read it?

As a brazilian it kind of saddens me that Nenê does not intend to come back to live here. But I understand his point. He´s well adapted and made his way through a lot of adversities and now has raised his family in a better country. For someone who was really lucky to crack up in the NBA, he´s so very entitled to do whatever he wants, that´s for sure.

It´s just that he could really inspire a lot of young men here, that don´t know much about basketball and could blossom into stars if they really had a chance. Brazil has an enormous black population, mostly real poor, that could really find a better way in life through sports. It´s a shame that our goverment and society as a whole don´t really pay attention to it.

Anyway, the article brings a side of these players that I, as a fan, was always curious about.

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Who wants to live in that

Who wants to live in that shit hole?!?!?!?!

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Pretty disappointed in the

Pretty disappointed in the corporate-speak of everyone in that article save Thabo Sefolosha.

"Racism exists, but I try to stay positive" is the new "Republicans buy shoes too."

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I don't think Nenê is outside

I don't think Nenê is outside the norm in that he has kids who have been raised here. If he and his wife are comfortable in the US, and their kids have always known the US to be their home, then staying makes the most sense. Barack and Michelle Obama didn't want to force their daughter to uproot while in high school, so they stayed in Washington DC.

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Nene is a wealthy guy and a

Nene is a wealthy guy and a well respected veteran player who could easily take some sort of future role in the game when he retires so if he is settled in the US, I'd guess he'd want to stay there.

Players with families is one thing we maybe don't consider when it comes to FA market, some players may like where they are or want to go to a certain team if it fits in with their family. Sure they want to win but if a player is married and has a young family he may be more prefereable to stay put.

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