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Ok, i needed to blow off some steam. So i thought here is as good as place as any.

I moved house about four months ago, we(my family) got half the price for the sale of the house around 70K, the other half went to my half sister's father (who didn't pay any of the bills and only cared when the house was on the market go figure). Since 70K isn't enough to buy another house we decided to move to my mother's boyfriends house, my mother thought it would be a great idea to buy a boat, calling it "a house on water", i went along since we'll be getting the best in kitchen equipment, great flooring, top notch shower, great electronics, get the gist of what i'm saying? The best of everything.

Till today, we've been waiting for two and half months for this boat to be created. The guy that was doing the job already was given a 10K deposit and another 5k incentive money. This guy was lazy and dodging me, my mother and her boyfriend saying "it would be ready, it's just a big boat". Over the past month, we've been slowly getting the kitchen, electronics, showers and toilets etc etc. So now we've got a bunch of boxes to the left hand side of the family PC.

I find out today that the boat maker's business has went bust and they'll be taking EVERYTHING. Now, we've never been well off financially and this is just another kick in the teeth to my family since the whole house selling fiasco and just another giant sh*t on my life, it's just typical.

I needed to get this one off my chest and thank you for reading. Post moments in your life that are simply unbelievable.

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really sorry to hear that. Im

really sorry to hear that. Im not sure there is anything you can do if he files for bankruptcy. Sucks man.

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That sucks man something like

That sucks man something like that happened to an uncle of mine that was having a back porch built, so i feel for you.

The most Unbelievable moment in McDunkins life.

I met this girl Sophmore year through basketball (i played varsity and she was a year younger and played for her schools JV and our schools boys and girls team play scrimmages against eachother in the summertime) She was perfect for me...she played ball, watched/knew about football and basketball, played video games...she was like me...except asian and had girl body parts.... we went out for about the next 3 years until my freshman year of college. Since i went to school out of town i soon found out that i didnt have close to enough time to visit much. We started talking less and less. I came back to my town that summer to do my sophmore year at a junior college to find out she is now a lesbian. True story. I get depressed every time i log on to facebook and see her status updates.

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