The ultimate green light

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The ultimate green light

You know you have true carpe diem on a team's offense when you go ONE FOR SEVENTEEN (!!!) from the three point line in a single game. Which is exactly what happened tonight with James Harden against the Magic.

Incredibly, he still scored 38 points on the night thanks to 15-16 from the charity stripe. If he would have just hit his league average percentage from three tonight, he would have scored 56 points. Crazy season from James.

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You would of though he would

You would of though he would of stopped jacking them at 9 or 10 misses. That houston team really struggles for offense without gordon or paul.

Jonathon Isaac again not doing much going -7 in a +7 win for the Magic

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I checked the GSW DAL

I checked the GSW DAL boxscore just before reading this post and Curry took 19 3 pointers (made 11) and I was wondering if someone should ever take 19 3 pointers in one game but then I realized it’s Curry and today’s game might just allow perimeter players to do what they want and Curry is awesome.

Harden is averaging 34 ppg on 23 shots, 11 FTA and a whopping 12.7 3PA

This is just crazy

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