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What do you guys think will be the ultimate decider between these two 'highly overachieving' teams. We all know of Kemba vs. Mack, but you guys think Lamb and Shabazz will be too much for Mack's perimeter lieutenants (Vanzant, Hahn, Nored) to handle, thus becoming the bigger factor. Or will the better performer between Oriakhi and Howard be a bigger decider to determine who wins.

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I think UConn's guard play

I think UConn's guard play will be too much (Walker,Lamb,Napier) for Butler. Not only all 3 can hurt you offensively but they are capable of defending anyone. UConn wins it.

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No predictions here or else I'll eat my words again

I don't know who will win. I'm making no predictions cuz everything I say has been thrown back at my face. I said UNC had the more complete team and would beat Kentucky. Kentucky won that game because of Liggins clutch shot. I said the Kansas would easily beat VCU. VCU easily beat Kansas and showed them the door. I said that Arizona's Derrick Williams was too good for Uconn to stop. And Uconn wins that game as well proving me wrong again. I said that Duke would beat Arizona because they have the most complete team very comparable to UNC's. And what happens, the Wildcats come back and burn them.

I've noticed that I have eaten my words every time I watch a tourney game, so I'm not making a single prediction and will just say, may the best team win.

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yeah dude, whatever nored

yeah dude, whatever nored brings to the team will COMPLETELY cancelled out, whoever Lamb is guarding is done and Orhiaki (dunno how to spell) works just as hard as Howard and is bigger...and as amazing as Brad is, good ol Jimmy has 2 aaron rodgers belts under him. Kemba will not be stopped

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I got Butler and I'll stand by it...

Matt Howard and Shelvin Mack need to be respected...they can make it in the pros in ky eyes, talented hard working Joe's...they almost beat the Blue Devils last year, I can see them beating the Huskies this year...

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Here's how I see it the

Here's how I see it the freshman on UConn Lamb and Napier are going to take some terrible shots b/c Nored/Vanzant/Hahn/Stigall will rattle them mentally where they will have lapses. Kemba is going to take 15-20 shots, the key is for him to shoot under 40% I don't see UConn winning if he shoots under 40%. I also, question UConn's frontcourt, Butler has the advantage there, and if Matt Howard can have the best game of his career I think Butler will win. I think this game lies on Matt Howard for Butler more than anything. That's my 2 cents.

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What i'm jus so offended

What i'm jus so offended said.

Connecticut wins by 8.

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i picked

uconn to winn in my bracketso let gooo uconn. atleast i would pick tht right lol i say uconn 71 butler 62

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It's gonna be Butler. Walker

It's gonna be Butler. Walker is going to find his Kryptonite in Nored. I've been singing his praises on defense all tournament, and I'm not going to stop now. If Nored doesn't shut Kemba down, he will at least make him take a lot of shots to get his 20.

I love how ESPN has been picking Butler's opponent every game in the tournament. if UConn is even that much better than Pitt is.

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