ucla vs texas

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ucla vs texas

Ucla leads texas 32-30 at the half. Both teams not in the top 25.
Someone tell me about Shabazz Mohammed? He looks average out there. Has Tony Parker even played for ucla now that Josh Smith left? And why is the Reliant Center empty?

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Shabazz doesn't even look

Shabazz doesn't even look built to me, he kinda looks fat...and he keeps taking fade-away contested two's.

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Is he Dion Waiters or Dwyane

Is he Dion Waiters or Dwyane Wade?? LoL

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Well it looks like Bazz

Well it looks like Bazz answered with this short scoring burst ..however UCLA really lacks an inside defensive presence..the wear twins are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO SOFT!

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Neither team deserved to win.

Neither team deserved to win. Neither team knows how to execute in the halfcourt. They move without purpose and don't know how to use each other to get open. They just half ass and pass the ball around aimlessly until someone has to take a tough shot. It's kinda pathetic to watch.
Another thing that I noticed about UCLA as that they're full of poor individual defenders. That's why they have to play zone. They have talent but as a team they're just mediocre on both ends.

And the rrena was empty because it was a neutral site and both basketball teams have fair weather fans.

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I didn't understand why Texas

I didn't understand why Texas didn't give the ball down low to Ridley.

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Both of those coaches should

Both of those coaches should be fired. They're terrible.

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thats exactly how unc looked when he was the point there. Texas will be a better team when they get Myck back but am not sure about Ucla. Theyll obviously get better as they gain more experience but not sure how far they can go tbh

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