Is Tyreke Evans becoming a bettter player than John Wall?

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Is Tyreke Evans becoming a bettter player than John Wall?

Evans is quietly having a nice turn around season for a bad team with bad owners. Going 15-5-3. With highs 47% from the field and Lows for TO's with 2 per game. Also shooting 33% from 3 but only taking 2-3 a game.

Wall is 14-3-7 but going 40% ( 2nd time already in 3 years ) from the field, doesn't even take 3's anymore and turning the ball over almost 4 times a game.

I know Wall was hurt at the start of the season, but he doesn't seem like he's getting any better. Almost seems like it's getting worse. Evans has been talked about since his 20-5-5 rookie year that he's been playing poorly. Which is true, but is it safe to say Wall hasn't had a year even close to as good as Evans rookie year. And Evans looks like he's starting to " Get It " but will Wall?

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The Wizards went from being

The Wizards went from being the worst team in NBA and has now become respectable ever since the return of John Wall. His stats doesn't show the impact he's made on his team. Brad Beal has also taken off thanks to John Wall.

As to the subject of this thread, John Wall is a better player than Tyreke, because Wall impacts the game a lot more simply because he's a PG. Just look at the Wizards' record since Wall's return to injury.

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All I know about Tyreke Evans

All I know about Tyreke Evans is that he is the hardest young player to evaluate accurately and get a grip on over his first few NBA seasons that I've ever come across. He was called a young superstar after his first season, averaged 20-5-5, regressed the next season, regressed a little more the next...oh is he returning to form now? All that by age 23. He grows more mysterious even as he continues to develop.

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I would like to see Evans go to Detroit and combo him w Knight in the backcourt. Knight could then play off the ball more often. Then if they could land Porter in the draft....


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That would be dope.

But i feel like The Kings/Sonics have to match whatever Reke ends up getting on the open market. I know that team is ill constructed but you ant just let him walk for nothing. At the very least he's talented, albeit flawed, trade asset (depending on the $ he commands this summer).

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The stats do show, the

The stats do show, the Wizards have climbed into the top 10 a couple defensive categories when Wall and Nene returned.

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I'm kinda down on John Wall

I'm kinda down on John Wall right now but in no way would I take Reke over him.

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I would definitely take Wall

I would definitely take Wall over Evans,Wall so is so fast and is a great passer,
As for Tyreke I feel like they need to move him back to Pg because Thomas is not the starting pg you want in this league and Evans was averaging 20 5 and 5 at the point as a rookie now which one would you pick? Plus I would try to grab Oladipo in the draft and get his hustle and heart that,that teams needs and is effective without the ball have him at sg and build from there.Maybe trade Jimmer and/or Marcus Thorton for a sf that can shoot.
Get a lineup like this

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I'd rather see Tyreke go to

I'd rather see Tyreke go to Dallas to form a back court with Mayo then go to Detroit. Some (or maybe all of you) might not agree but stats have shown he is a much better player when he is playing the point guard. The Memphis Tigers were what? either 1-2 o 2-4 when Tyreke played off the ball for them, then they won like 22 straight when he moved to the point. Even though the Kings were bad his rookie year, Tyreke still dominated when he played the point. The Mavs took a risk with Mayo bringing him in so why not take a risk and add Tyreke as a pg?

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i wouldnt say tyreke is

i wouldnt say tyreke is better than john wall but at the same time its still so hard to tell. I cant think of another player who has so much potential and how the jurys been out for but cant distinguish it more than tyreke evans.. i hope he is either a bust or comes into his own soon because i think a lot of people want answers lol

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