Tyler Herro

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Tyler Herro

Been following a little bit of Herro this summer. I actually thought he was a little undersized coming out but looks to have legit NBA size and length. I think Miami might of gotten a real steal with this guy. I like him way more than Luke Kennard or any other shooter than has come out in the last couple of years.

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Didnt know he had that kind

Didnt know he had that kind of playmaking abillity.

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Have been saying for awhile

Herro has an extremely crafty handle and underrated athleticism. He will be significantly better than Kennard and is an upgraded version of JJ Reddick.

Maybe not quite as elite of a shooter but the good handle will allow him to be successful in this postionless league.

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Even though its only summer

Even though its only summer league, seeing Herro ball out makes me wonder how badly was he under utilize at Kentucky or underachieved.

Where as Luke Kennard overachieved as a Sophomore at Duke. Kennard was supposed to be a 3-4 year player, but he stepped up big time. Over taking a junior Grayson Allen and Frosh Jayson Tatum.

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Shades of Devin Booker

Another under-utilized SG from Kentucky that was drafted #13, by a team that has a flaming basketball in it's logo. Similarities are eerie..... ha

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Dog mentality is one of the

Dog mentality is one of the reasons he's balling out in Summer League. Seems to be relentless in every possession and his basketball IQ makes up for his lack of wingspan. Whether he starts over Waiters will be the question though and not just him but Duncan Robinson and Kendrick Nunn are ballin as well.

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Plays with a lot of

Plays with a lot of confidence, I like the kid. Really good pick by Mia.

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He has a swagger about him

He has a swagger about him but seems as if he can back it up. Miami have an excellent front office and coach so he is going into a good situation. They will manage his development well and give him time if he needs it but allow him to play if he flourishes early on.

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I’m a Kentucky fan so I’ve

I’m a Kentucky fan so I’ve been tellin people all year he’s gonna be better than everyone thinks. Obviously his touch is incredible but his handling and playmaking are underrated too. The defense is gonna be his main issue but he plays with such intensity that I think he won’t be as bad as some people are saying he will be

If we trade Russ to Miami, I’m praying we can somehow convince Miami to send him to us

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