Trey Burke

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Trey Burke

Mark my words if he falls anywhere outside of top 5 he will be looked at as a steal of this draft. His ranking is low soley because he didn't enter college with a lot of prep hype.

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His ranking is low because of

His ranking is low because of his lack of "blow by" ability. He has a hard time getting past his man.

Thats what separates him from a CP3.

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Why does every PG prospect

Why does every PG prospect have to be compared to CP3? or every slashing 2/3 be compared to D Wade?

Those guys are SUPERSTARS.

Trey Burke is one hell of a player. The guy just knows how to play the PG position. Best PnR player in college hoops, excellent handles, excellent mid-range game, excellent long-range game.

You do not have to have "blow by" speed. He knows how to use his body extremely well & get where he wants on the floor. His court vision is above average & he knows what he can/can't do. His wingspan helps him on D & he can finish with either hand in the paint very well.

The guy ranks 2nd in points, 1st in assists, & 1st in assists/TO ratio in the Big10....which is hands down the TOUGHEST conference in college hoops this year.

Teams are scheming to stop this guy & he continues to make plays night in & night out at a very efficient & effective rate. His consistency is also really impressive when his sidekicks Hardaway Jr & GRIII show up whenever they feel like it.

He will make some teams regret passing on him.
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Yah, i keep hearing that from

Yah, i keep hearing that from scouts, but i also keep seeing Burke get into the paint and make plays happen. It will be interesting to see how he develops. I think i would take a chance on him anywhere after McLemore, Noel, Smart, and Muhammad.

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He is a good point guard but

He is a good point guard but due to his lack of ISO moves, his ability to shake NBA caliber defenders(Craft,Oladipo), and his lack of explosiveness and blow by speed it hurts his potential. He can be a solid Jameer Nelson/Raymond Felton type of player but he's no Chris Paul.

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I totally agree with the

I totally agree with the Nelson and Felton comparisons. I thought I was pretty high on Burke but apparently not compared to many on this site. There are so many good PGs in the NBA right now it is hard to see him being in the top 15 without athleticism that guys like Westbrook and Rose have. Every night you are going up against somebody special. I think he can be in the league and start eventually but I don't see him as a top 5 talent...he is on the edge of the lottery in my opinion.

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He took Archie

He took Archie Goodwins spot in my mock.
From 11/13 (where I've had him all year), to 9.

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I think he is wildly

I think he is wildly underrated.. However, I think that PGs are some of the hardest players to judge because their system has a lot to do with their production..

Look at WVU for example. Juwan Staten averaged 7 assists as a freshamn at Dayton but now that he is at WVU, he is under 4. Has he gotten worse?? No. Its the system he plays in.. He is most likely a better player but with the motion offense that requires lots of passing by everyone and isnt pick and roll style..

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I agree, Burke would excel in

I agree, Burke would excel in a half court system with alot of pick and rolls like Utah.

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I'm a little wary of going

I'm a little wary of going with an undersized pg. He can easily be exploited going up against Westbrook, Rose, Wall, Holiday, Williams. Although I still like him to be a good solid dependable starter like Jameer Nelson or Mike Conley.

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this site overrates trey

this site overrates trey burke

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Burke really is gonna be a

Burke really is gonna be a steal for someone...he's really a good player. He can score and distribute well, he just is shifty and smart about how he moves (wastes little movement with the ball in his hands). He seems like he will at least be a solid starting PG

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Last season i wasnt a Trey

Last season i wasnt a Trey Burke fan,i felt he wasnt athletic enuff and he was undersized....But he's made me a believer this season..The kid is a winner,great motor,he plays with heart and he's competitive....He's not an elite pg like Derrick Rose or CP3,but he's going to be a solid starter for a few years.......It wouldnt surprise me at all, if he lands in the top 10...

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I think that the obvious

I think that the obvious comparison to Trey Burke is Darren Collison. Both are slightly undersized, speedster types who shoot very well and come from winning college pedigrees. Burke isn't quite as fast as Collison was in college, but he's a better distributor and has a larger wingspan, which should help him on D. If he falls out of the top 20.....I would be shocked.

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You can't give Burke any

You can't give Burke any space or he will shoot it in your face, even off the dribble.
Darren Collison is not that good of a shooter.

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