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What do you guys think about these trades? I got them off of Real GM that a guy posted. do you guys think it will help each team or hurt them?

1) Utah Trades
Mehmet Okur

Oklahoma City Trades
Nate Robinson

OKC gets a good backup for Perkins, and if Memo comes close to his old form it changes the entire dynamic of their team. Utah gets out of five million in salary and nabs a nice backup point guard that can improve their bench.

*2) Pacers/Grizzlies/Jazz (slight changes from original)
Pacers Trade: Posey, Granger, #15, Josh McRoberts
Pacers Receive: Rudy Gay, Paul Millsap, CJ Miles

Pacers have a much deeper and complete team after this trade.

Grizzlies Trade: Rudy Gay, OJ Mayo
Grizzlies Receive: Danny Granger, Josh McRoberts, TPE

The Grizzlies are a more complete team after this trade with better floor spacing and defense.

Jazz Trade: Paul Millsap, CJ Miles
Jazz Receive: OJ Mayo, James Posey, #15

Jazz get some nice compensation for a guy that is a bit redundant although very talented. Mayo addresses a need for talented youth on the wing.

3) Jazz Trade: Devin Harris
Portland Trades: Andre Miller, 2011 Portland 1st #21

Since this would be a draft day trade the Jazz would have the option to waive Miller who has a non-guaranteed contract, or keep the hometown favorite and get a young guy to boot.

Depth chart after trades:
Free Agents: Kirilenko, Fesenko
Just over $40,000,000 in committed salaries and 4 first round picks (likely 6, 12, 15, 21).

Certainly not a playoff team, but it is a great core to move forward with (Favors/Mayo/Hayward) with the potential to nab a couple other very good players.1) Utah Trades
Mehmet Okur

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Those who hate CJ Miles may

Those who hate CJ Miles may like that trade but to me the Jazz are giving up too much for Mayo, Posey is not a player I'd want, Milsap for Mayo and a draft pick may work. Milsap isn't going to be dealt unless the Jazz get quit a bit for him, he's not an all star but he's close and his hustle and work ethic are very desirable.

Harris is still young and has several year of productive play left in him, Miller is close to the end , I don't see the Jazz being interested , this draft is weak.

I don't see a team wanting Okur until he proves he can come back from his injury, not sure he can.

Pacers would make out like a bandit, Griz give up too much, as do the Jazz.

As a Jazz fan, no way I'd make these trades.

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I love McRoberts, but that would be a great trade. A little lopsided against Memphis, though.

Okur is worth a lot more than Nate Robinson, IMO

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Little out there...

I feel as if the Jazz, to put it frankly, get completely screwed in this deal. Millsap remains one of the league's most underrated players. Favors keeps showing glimpses, but nothing to merit control of the starting 4 spot. Also, Jefferson can't continue to play the 5. He's also the more likely trade target now that a retooling has begun in Utah. It was certainly interesting to ponder, but your post-trade depth chart for the Jazz says it all. There is 4 major deficiencies/question marks, including a starting point guard. Nate Robinson as the only post-trade option, really? They certainly have the ability to shake things up, but a different manner would be more appropiate.

Utah Receives:

Jarret Jack, Quincy Pondexter, 1st round pick, TPE


Al Jefferson ( and Raja Bell if they want to unload his contract) or a complementary piece, (2nd round pick, etc.)

They shed the Jefferson contract, while gaining flexibility and building for the future.

The Jack acquisition sets up this:

Devin Harris to Portland for Wesley Matthews.

This might seem far fetched, and I know Portland loves Wesley, but it works for both teams, and the salary difference is offset by the Bayles TPE, with the addition of some minimal pieces.

Utah now looks like this:






With flexibility and options going forward, the Jazz can undergo a succesful rebuild.

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I'm with scliddiard

The only one of those trades that I see happening is the Okur for Robinson one, but I'm with scliddiard. Okur isn't leaving the Jazz until he proves he is healthy for an entire season. I'm open to the Grizzlies and Pacers trade but the players we receive other than Mayo are pretty crappy. Posey is long gone and never coming back, he's more just filling up roster space or just getting cheap money for doing nothing. And the 15th pick who knows who it will be but I don't if its even necessary. I could see the 15th pick being traded as well as the 12th but even then it won't be for someone young like Miles still is. I wouldn't be willing to give up Miles and Millsap, two young hard working players who still have a place on the Jazz's roster, for one young player who is a little selfish. (in my opinion) I like him but not more than Millsap and Miles.

The only trade that I see the Jazz making is Raja Bell and one of thier draft picks (6th or 12th). But with which team, I have no idea. The Wolves come to mind but so do several other teams. The Jazz could possibly trade Al Jefferson to the Pacers for Danny Granger but only if they draft Enes Kanter with the 6th pick. But even that is a remote possibility and only possible in a "what if" situation.

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