Trade Scenerio

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Trade Scenerio

The Kings have to do something with their roster. Evans and Cousins seem to be the 2 names thrown around the most. I am not sure what sort of value they would have... I think alot of teams are weary about Cousins.

Cleveland trade Waiters (and possibly Zeller or Gee to sweeten it) to the Kings for Cousins. Send Andy V to the Thunder for J-Lamb and take Porter in the draft. Lineup
PG Irving
SG JLamb
SF Porter
PF Thompson
C Cousins

The Kings trade Evans to the Pistons for their 8th pick. Before Kings fans start jumping up and down they really do need to clean house and get some fresh players and fresh attitudes. They would have Waiters (possibly Zeller also), the 7th and 8th pick in this draft. Cousins was a risky fifth overall pick and Tyreke a 4th overall pick. Waiters is also a 4th overall pick, so the Kings aren't losing too much. Granted this draft is a bit weak but they can have some new younger players with cheaper contracts. With two rookies they would also be battling for the worse record in the league, leading to a top 3 or top 5 pick in next years pretty strong draft....

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It's gonna take more than Waiter's to get Cousins

Maybe Waiters, Zeller, no. 1 pick and 19th pick for Cousins and (Salmons or Thornton). This takes John Salmons whopper off the books and is in my opinion sweet enough of a deal to get it done. Cousins is an idiot, great talent but an idiot and the Kings have to know that by now. On the court he is talented, savy and a excellent passer. His lack of explosion but soundness could work for Mike Brown's defense but their personalities don't match. I don't see Cousin's getting moved because his value is low right now and a few efficient months could have him as an All Star caliber player with a sky high value. Why sell him now?

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LOL waiters for Cousins basically? are you nuts? They want to build around Cousins, believe it or not, they won't trade him.. I can't believe you thought of this, did you see him play this year? His knocks are obviously his attitude and field goal % (which won't be adressed with Waiters anyway)

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Don't disagree about Cousins.

Don't disagree about Cousins. Could be a great player, but not in Sacramento. Has to go somewhere where he can learn to be a man from veteran players. Sacramento on the other hand has to realize this soon and capitalize on his current value before he becomes a liability.

Your trades look reasonable enough. So something like this is definately possible.

Cavs have a lot of tradable pieces right now, If they use them wisely I can definately see them as a playoff team sooner than expected.

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no way im trading cousins if

no way im trading cousins if im only getting a decent starter potential in return

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The Thunder would

The Thunder would have to throw in Perkins for the Lamb/Andy deal to work financially and I don't see the Cavs taking back his horrible contract. This is the smallest move you outline, so it's not as big of a deal. I agree that they should try to ship Andy out for young talent or picks or even just cap space, just not sure they could get Lamb back in the deal.

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If I were the Kings new

If I were the Kings new ownership I would offer deals of something like Cousins and the seventh pick for Waiters and the 1st pick, or for Beal and the third pick. Might not have any takers for deals like this but it would be better then Cousins for Waiters...

Though I would not mind exploring options for Tyreke to the Pistons in a sign and trade.

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The only way I see the Kings

The only way I see the Kings letting go Cousins is if the Pistons throw Andre Drummond in that deal.

Cavs trade Varejao and Zeller to the Pistons.
Kings Trade Cousins to the Cavs
Pistons Trade Drummond, 8th pick and Brandon Knight to Kings for Tyreke Evans. Kings could possibly draft Muhammad and Bennett with the 7th and 8th pick respectively. Could this work?

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Pistons give up too much

The Pistons would be giving up far too much in this deal. They really like Drummond and won't be letting him go. To throw in Knight and the 8th pick seems excessive. Might be the only way the Kings do it, but the Pistons would certainly call the deal off.

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