Trade Scenarios someone posted on the Wolves Facebook page

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Trade Scenarios someone posted on the Wolves Facebook page

Please don't negate me any points, these were copied from the Wolves facebook page, they're so unrealistic it's not even funny, check them out at:!/MNTimberwolves

1) Randolph (or Beasley) and Flynn for Jared Dudley - Dudley is a defensively minded SF who is also quite a scorer. He's a second to Hill in Phoenix right now, but if given a starting position we think he would shine. Phoenix is in desperate need of a solid PF right now, and Beasley would fit their run and gun style very well (as would Randolph, I imagine)

2) Rubio (or Irving) and Beasley (or Randolph) for Tyson Chandler and Beaubois - Mark Cuban has made it quite clear he would love to have Rubio, so I think he would be more keen on taking him than Irving. Either way, the Wolves get a starting C and a reliable back up PG.

3) Ridnour, Beasley (or Randolph) and Pekovic for Derozan (or Barbosa) and Bargnani - The Raptors are disappointed with Bargnani (for some reason) and he's quite a sniper, though his defense is lacking. If he could be taught to become a defensive presence he would be quite an addition. Derozan is very athletic, a great lane scorer and if he could also be taught defense he could be fantastic. If they wouldn't deal Derozan you could ask for Barbosa. They're roughly even, though Barbosa is faster and his range extends to the three point line.

4) Draft pick (your choice) and Beasley for Hamilton and Stuckey - Detroit is in need just about anything, and the coach was unhappy with Hamilton. Hamilton has a championship pedigree and he's a veteran who could show the young Wolves what it takes to be a championship player. Stuckey is a defensive force at PG and SG, he's also a good passer. Very versatile!

5) Rubio, the 20th pick and Darko for Glenn Davis and Avery Bradley - this one is a long shot because Davis is Boston's only young (and uninjured) center. I have a hard time seeing this one working out, but if a deal similar to this could be made you would have a championship holding C who has great experience and Bradley is a defensively competent PG or SG.

These five are just a handful my husband and I came up with off the top of our heads. The Wolves have some good pieces that could be great trade value. The team is in need of some balance, and a few trades like these would bring that balance.

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Those are all terrible deals

Those are all terrible deals to be honest.

1. Jared Dudley isn't that nice that you give up two of the three from the group of Beasley, Randolph and Flynn

2. Roddy B isn't that nice, nor is Chandler ( injury prone) to be giving up Rubio/Irving/Beasley

3. Easy....Toronto isn't giving up Bargnani and DeRozan. That's a no.

4. Why help Detroit. Stuckey isn't a good point guard, Hamilton isn't a Wolves player, he needs to go to a team with a playoff shot.

5. Boston would think about it, but I think Minnesota would be CRAZY to offer that.

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What about Raja Bell and the

What about Raja Bell and the #6 pick from the jazz for Ricky Rubio?

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Couple things I see

Raps are not getting rid of derozan if rubio isn't included and they didn't want Beasley when he was offered in the Bosh offseason action. Raps would also have a log jam at PG with Jose(almost unmovable) and Bayless and now add Ridnour. Not gonna happen.

Celts have a guy named Rondo so Rubio would be a back up at best so having Davis a versitile big is much more important than a back up PG.

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for showing this lady she is a fool and a idiot. She made no try at keeping are team.But trade every little assest into garbage. We just got Anthony randolf we gave away a good defensive Sg in Core Brewer. For a defensive PF (also a hybrid player).Just to give it away for another addition and another year of getting are ass kiicked.

No ma'ma we need to only get rid of one player and that is Luke Ridnour and the draft pick for a true assest to the team. or maybe draft a player in the SG, C spot.

not no players that gonna change are whole team around.Kevin Love is safe And Micheal Beasly he just need another offseason to get suck in this is his team. Also along with Kevin Love this is there team. And they must show who is next to claim this is there team. And it must come from ether Ricky Rubio, or wesly johnson. One of two players would be that third man. Or if everything goes are way J.r smith can +) =)'


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I think this trade would be better than Peanut's trade

What about this trade: Raja Bell, the 6th pick and the Jazz's own 2012 pick (lottery protected to the Wolves for Kyrie Irving. This is only of the Wolves get the first or second pick and end up picking Irving when they already have Rubio who is planning on coming over in the 2011-2012 season even if it shortened because of a lockout.

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Tell your Husband hes an

Tell your Husband hes an idiot.......

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Wait Kahn is married to a

Wait Kahn is married to a guy?

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Way to rep the females

I was once a "close personal friend" of Susan B. Anthony...

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Number 4 is the only decent

Number 4 is the only decent one but Stuckney is a 2 guard which is a need but Hamilton would just be a bad contract and unless they could find a 3rd team, this deal would not make sense.

a Rubio, Stuckney, Wesley Johnson, Love, Darko line up is not that bad.

Your bench would be Tolliver, Webster, Ridnour, Pekovic

You may have to seen Flynn off along with Hamilton and some draft pick to another team.

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