Trade Proposal for Mavericks- 76ers

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Trade Proposal for Mavericks- 76ers

Bear with me, I know trade proposals aren't normally very popular. Please read the whole thing and the rationale before you judge it. My proposed trade is:

Mavericks send Chandler Parsons and 2015 1st Round pick (#21 overall) to the 76ers for 2 of their 5 2nd round picks (Either 35 or 37 and a late one) along with cash.

Mavericks Rationale

The Mavs took a chance in overpaying Parsons last year in the hope that he could blossom. Parsons is a very good player, and he'll only be 27 at the start of next season but he doesn't seem to be an all-star at least in the West and over the next 2 years he's owed $31 million, which includes a 15% trade kicker which makes him harder to trade. While his contract doesn't hinder improving the team completely, it does make it hard and the Mavericks have several holes, and Ellis could opt out of the last year of his deal that is a very team friendly $8.7 million.

The money is the least concerning issue, and the principal problem is that a starting lineup that features Dirk-Parsons-Ellis is going to be weak defensively and rebounding. Al-Farouq Aminu is also a must sign for the Mavs this offseason. He blossomed in the playoffs, but any Mavericks fan will tell you that any time he's on the court good things happen. He's probably a better fit next to Dirk and Ellis and is much cheaper. That extra money to fill out the roster is huge and would allow The Mavericks to sign a center (resign Tyson Chandler or Deandre Jordan) and still upgrade the point guard position and bench. Pick #21 would be needed to make the 76ers bite on the nearly $36 million they would have to absord along with protecting them in the case Parsons opts out of his last year (which seems unlikely now). It's also tough to see any player the Mavs could select at that range cracking Carlisle's rotation. They could get a similar player at 35 or 37 and it saves them a little bit.

76ers Rationale

The 76ers are in full asset acquiring mode, but this is more than that for them. They are entering year 3 of their full rebuild and it is time to see quantitative results. They have a lot of young talent and assets but now they need to start resembling an NBA team. It is assumed that they will use pick #3 on Russell or Mudliay and that is a great start to go with their big men, but they still need wing help. Parsons may be limited at the start of next season after undergoing surgery, but he would be worth a tryout as one of their core players moving forward where ideally, he would sign a more cap friendly deal in 2017-18 when he would still only be 29. He would help the young players development because right now they have defense and athleticism but they could use his scoring and shooting. He could lead the team in scoring the next two years while their young players develop to take over that role. He would even be considered fringe All-Star caliber in the East.

If Parsons does not seem like the right fit long-term the Sixers literally lose nothing. Since they are way under the salary cap and the cap floor for next year they don't even lose money, because they would have to add salary regardless, and it's unlikely that player would have the impact that Parsons could. The extra first rounder could bring a nice additional asset and losing the 2 2nd rounders wouldn't matter because their is no way a team could use 5 2nd round picks.

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