Trade idea | OKC & Portland

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Trade idea | OKC & Portland

I think Portland should seriously consider going for it this year. Yes, Nurkic is still out & they lost some rotation pieces..... but I'm high on Anfernee Simons, Zach Collins is growing on me, and Lillard / McCollum are in the middle of their primes. The window is now. In order to execute the deal below, they will have to give up one of their young assets in a trade. Here's one I thought of since they lost a ton of wing depth this offseason (Harkless, Aminu, Turner):

Portland receives: Danilo Gallinari

OKC receives: Kent Bazemore, Nassir Little, future 2nd round pick

If I'm OKC, I do this deal if they decide to move Russell Westbrook. Why keep Gallinari, in the last year of his contract, if they have no chance at a playoff spot?

If I'm Portland, I'm all over this transaction. Gallinari had a fantastic season last year, and his presence would provide the Trail Blazers with one of the best 1-4 shooting quartets in the league if they start Rodney Hood.

The wild card for this team is the Center position. Zach Collins has shown flashes, but the fact they traded for Hassan Whiteside means they are not totally sold on him being ready for 30 minutes a night at the C position just yet. Also, how will Nurkic play when he returns? With this injury being so similar to Paul George's injury in 2014, it may take him another year to return to the player he was.

Overall, I really like this potential deal for both teams. OKC gets a player with good upside in Nassir Little and a similar expiring contract in Bazemore to make the numbers work.

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Portland’s been the team I’ve

Portland’s been the team I’ve been feeling should trade for Gallo, but I think we might hold on to him until around the trade deadline and auction him off to one of the contenders who feels they need another guy. That might be a little risky given his injury history though

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I'm actually on board with this trade idea. Little would be a nice piece for the Thunder and Gallinari would help the Blazers keep pace with the new stacked West.

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Trade em

I think OKC will definitely move gallinari. He has a decent contract and he'll give you 17-20 pts a game. They could probably get a prospect and a low first round pick for him

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