Trade Idea (MIN PHI)

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Trade Idea (MIN PHI)

If the link doesn't work then here are the essentials: Thaddeus Young for Derrick Williams, Gorgui Dieng, also including Minnesota's First Rounder(Limited protection) to Philly

Thad Young goes to Minnesota to either start at the 3 spot or come of the bench to back up the 3&4 spots. Minnesota is riding its starters hard and needs more production from its reserves otherwise they might fade like Portland did at the end of last year.

Derrick Williams gets a fresh start. Brett Brown has been able to get his players playing better than what was expected of them. He maybe able to help Derrick Williams to get closer to his potential and show us why he was the No.2 overall pick a few years ago.

Minnesota gives up a protected first rounder for the privilege of getting a quality player like Thad Young.

Without the first rounder Philly would be taking to much of a risk that Derrick Williams ends up producing something worthy of giving up Thad.

Lets just say that the pick is top 18 protected this year and top ten for the following year and so on.

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Nice idea but I think Young

Nice idea but I think Young is playing too well to be traded for that little. Only a GM who was trying to lose would make a trade like that! Oh, wait.

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I like the trade idea but I wouldn't want anything more than top 10 protected on the pick, as a Sixers fan.

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1) Minnesota needs bench depth at this point. I think they're gonna look to move Shved and/or D-Will for someone like Courtney Lee or Arron Aflallo.

2) Minnesota sadly gave up their first in 2014 to GET RID OF Wes Johnson.

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